Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Have a beer for Ireland and me! Cheers, (from off the boat, well…..plane) Alan



2 more days!

2 more day and the GMan and I will be heading north for 4 days of end of season snowboarding. If anyone is in or around Smuggler’s Notch VT ping me.

Arisaka Type 99

I acquired an Arisaka Type 99 from my father-in-law a while back. It has a history and I add a page to talk about that. Right not I wanted to get up some photo of the on going restoration. Lets just say it spent that last 40 years or so propped up in the corner of my in-laws basement that occasionally takes on water! Go here for more information on the gun. Here are some photos of the restoration so far. I borrowed two ultra sonic cleaners from a friend and soaking the parts in Kerosene is really helping to loosen up heavy rust. By the way heating the oil which you can do with these units is an extra benefit! More to come as I move forward.

Safe House

Just go see it! Acton packed with a half decent story line. However, it was a little too Bourne Identity for my liking. The cars chases saved the day for me!

Target therapy

Finally got to the club for some target therapy! The below is the end result of continually stacking targets up to four, with 50 rounds a piece. This was a “just for fun” session, however all shots were one handed. I wanted to see the end grouping of all 200 rounds. Not a bad grouping with some flyers here and there and clearly I’m more fond of the South West & North East over the other two quadrants.


Car inspection update

Update on my car inspection. Yesterday morning while driving our kids to school I noticed the flashing cruse and solid check engine light were out. According to my Subaru dealership this combination of festive lights means the gas cap was not or is not properly closed. I’m not sure I believe them as every time they reset it, it come back on again. The last few time I filled the gas tank myself and made sure the cap was on!

In any event I saw a window of opportunity to return to the garage to get re-tested. The last time I were there the guy that ran the test reminded me of Colin McRae. I asked in passing this time where he was from as he looked like a lad who fell off the boat so to speak, last week. Turns out his dad is from Dublin and his mom is from Donegal. Clearly he’s 1st generation Irish, and he also said that his mom’s side of the family was from Scotland! So perhaps our Mr. Murphy is related to the late great rally driver from Scotland.

Mr Murphy (I never got his first name) never made it to Ireland and said he’d like to some day. I meet so many people that say this and unfortunately never make it. After re-testing, my car passed with flying colors and off I went a happy man.


At the Loraz with GMan, JMan waiting on some friends. The previews look good and it should have a few good adult lines. I’ll review after movie.


Well the movie was good, unfortunately it sold out so our friends never made it. We got there about 20 minutes before show time and the place was empty! Apparently everyone showed up at the last minute. I considered buying tickets for everyone but didn’t as the place was practically empty! I’m any event the JMan giggled through the entire thing and the GMan said he liked it. It has some great adult lines, humor and music. This was another fine example of CGI, I wonder if any Autodesk software was used? Its amazing how real the characters expression are and how real the truffula trees look.

It’s a must see if you have offspring or just want to act like one for an hour or so!