Finishing – Part 2…what else is on top

Today was a big day at the house. John our contractor/carpenter, David the plumber (and his dad), Garry the electrician, Ivan the tiler and three guys from Top Line Granite.

We got trim, new heat, all manner of switches and outlets and last but not least counters in our kitchen.

These guys made it look easy and they did a fabulous job. I highly recommend them for any type of counter projects.

Above is the finished product. To say we are estacic is an understatement. Few more days we’ll have indoor plumbing in the kitchen and one of those new fangled dishwashing things! Then we can start unboxing the kitchen stuff….

Moving stuff is what I do….a lot of. This past weekend JMan and I got my tool boxes into my workshop space with the help of a home made ramp.

Some plywood and the old structure beams came in handy. Sure beat lifting them up the steps.
JMan catching a ride!
Both boxes inside.

Our very handy handy man can also run a floor sander. I rented one and let him loose on the Bowling Alley floor, aka my new workbench. To say it came out awesome is an understatement.

The above is the before.
And this is the after.
Here’s a close up of one piece. Hard to believe it’s 54 years!

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