Paddlefest wrap up

We came we saw we left. This is a great place if you’re in the market for a new boat. The area is broken up in to two sections. 1. For $20 you can paddle anything on display and you get the twenty off any boat, SUP or canoe you buy, plus the discount that varies. 2. For $5 you get into an area wher you can view and sit in boats and they have a gear area.

This is where we went and there was lots to look at. I found a several boats that will allow me or my better 1/2 and the JMan to go paddling. The gear section was like the gift shop at the exit door of a museum. Only way out was through it! They had hundreds of shoes and a other items, including paddles, PFD’s water proof gear and clothing. We didn’t buy anything these as we were told the main store was in the road out if town.

Signage gone wrong!


Beautiful wooded canoe



The boys


Cool paddles


This one needs a little work


JMan searching for treasure


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