Hi all and welcome to the miscellaneous ramblings of an Irish America. Let’s just say I’m somewhat north of fifty but don’t feel it (at least not all the time!). I was born in Athlone Ireland in the ripping sixties and saw the Green Sod go through two down turns before I headed in this direction. That was 1986 and lot has happened on either side of the pond and to me since.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. I was at the Buddy Guy concert and it was so good. I got Buddy to sign my guitar at the end of the show. Did you happen to get a picture of that?

    1. Tim, I did see you but did not get a photo. Besides, I only had my iPhone and from where were sitting the results would be bad at best! I was thinking of bringing my SLR, but got lazy. I remember seeing someone run around with a long lens, not sure who he was, but it might be worth chasing. Cheers, Alan

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