I got into kayaking last year and really enjoy the sense of freedom it offers. I grew up on the river Shannon in Ireland so getting back on the water is like going back to my youth. My dad had a wooden 16′ row boat that weight far more that it needed, never went more than 3 knots and that was with a stiff tail wind and a swift current. But we were on the water most every Sunday and it was good fun.

I started kayaking with a Wilderness System Tempest 165 and used it for less than one season. I picked it up for short money on craigslist and it came with a paddle and PFD. I was hooked the second it hit the water. I started looking immeadatly for a better set up and ended up buying a ex rental from Charles River Canoe and Kayak. Its an ALAW bach from Rockport Kayaks and its like a Porsche compared to the Tempest. Don’t get me wrong the tempest is a fine boat, but the ALAW bach is more agile, faster, lighter and more stable both stopped and underway.

Links for additional details.

Craiglist: http://boston.craigslist.org/

Charles River Canoe and Kayak: http://paddleboston.com/main.php

Rockport Kayaks: http://www.rockpoolkayaks.com/alaw-bach.php

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  1. Hey Al,
    How in Gods name are you??
    Quite a handsome family you have there!! Congratulations!
    Drop me a note if you get a chance.
    Rich Duffy

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