Paddlefest 2012

GMan and I are going to Paddlefest 2012 in Old Forge NY. Where’s that you might ask….well head west on 90 for….ever, then take a right for Utica and head up 28 for a bit. You’ll get there eventually. The drive was fairly uneventful but fun. We stopped a few times for food, gas and bio breaks….and coffee.

Rest area somewhere on 90.


We saw Amish folks hard at work ploughing a field the old fashioned way. GMan was amazed. I reminded him that they don’t have cable, phones or iPods. He seems to lose interest at that point! I bought a 6 pack of the local brew, Saranac Adirondack Larger. It’s not bad, but not that good either, but I just wanted to wet my whistle, so I guess it worked.


View from our deck.


Okay, I’m jacked. More on Paddlefest tomorrow.

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