Things are moving right along…….

Nothing like a deadline to get you moving. A few weeks ago we were informed that we could not extend our apartment lease so that lit a fire under us. We informed our contractor and subs and all are working really hard to make our June 16th deadline. In the last few weeks we got a sign off on the rough electrical and insulation. The electrician managed to completed empty the old 100 amp panel and rewired to a new 200 amp. The plumber started on the heat and today the plaster showed up. In the meantime our contractor leveled the remainder of the floor, installed new installed in the overhangs and screwed down the new subfloor throughout, build out a new step to the workshop space, installed all manner of blocking for the plumber and electrical and did a million other little things.

Second new post installed in the living space.
Second new post installed in the living space.
Outside kitchen wall reinsulated.
I spent the weekend sanding the water stain out of the t&g ceiling in the living space. The above is a go faster stripe left after we removed an existing wall in the kitchen .
Master bathroom all blocked and wrapped up to keep the sound down. Blueboard is going up on the lower level and on the main level in a few days .
Here’s a view that was never seen before. It’s the existing doorway to the old hall bathroom, now the back wall of the master shower.

The new door leading to the screened in porch went it as well as the egress window in the lower level bedroom.

New outswing door leading to screened porch. I’ll have to say that I’m very impressed with the quality of the Andersen products . Given the architect in me I’d like to soec Marvin, but given the cost difference Andersen won by a ling shot.
Heres a shit of the rear showing in master bedroom window and the new egress window .
Master Bathroom vanity wall
Master Bathroom shower area. The tiler (assuming he ever calls us back) will be installing Schluter products in the shower and floor. We are also installing a heated towel warner and heated floor.
In the distance the old utility space was closed up and the foreground is the new corner of the Office/Storage room.
Sheetrock or in our case Blueboard is going up everwhere. . Suddenly a space becomes a room!
What a difference a day makes. We 2 electricians, 3 on the plasering crew, GMan and me, with Jess popping in throughout the day. Here‘s the finished kitchen wall. Just add paint, outlet covers, a few cabinets and perhaps a sink and we‘ll be in business.
Master Bathroom vanity wall
Master Bathroom shower walls. My little mistake in moving the wall between the master and hall bathroom was moved resulting in a slight cant to the upper portion to avoid the skylight . Truth be told I wanted to do this on both walls but was overruled, however , I accidentally got one!
Another view of the kitchen showing the 1/2 wall. The stair side will eventually get clad is something other that plaster …when I rebuild the stair, but that will have to wait for a while.
Here’s a little sidebar distraction. Our neighbor Bill showed up in a sweet 1971 Datsun 240Z. My brother Mick had a bunch of these on Cape Cod years ago. Seeming this one brought back all those fond memories .

According to my count down timer we have 5 day and 28 hours to get out of the apartment. Packing is well underway and a few more hours will kill whats left. Meanwhile at Half Hill House the plaster finished the main level and the contractor started laying floor. Also, the electrician roughed in for out new service.

John busy laying floor in the living room. We are using the same material throughout the main lever with the exception of the bedrooms.
Its coming out real nice.
New service on the gable wall. This kills a few birds with one stone. 1. We get a 200 amp service which will allow for expansion inside the house if necessary and give me 220v in the garage for all my welding equipment …and whatever else shiws up down the road.

Last but now least for this evening. We needed a few more packing boxes so Jess called the mover and he said “I’ll leave a few out for you”

Here’s the back of my ru after I stuffed it!
Floor on Wednesday
Complete floor today
Schluter in the shower
Flooring in the Master Bedroom
And in Bedroom 2
Last but certainly not least we have indoor plumbing again.
Jess found the sledgehammer again! She made short work of that Kohler!
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