3D Printed Items for sale

Garmin A1i lens adapter

3D printed adapter which allows magnification lens to be used with your Garmin A1i sight. The adapter is an interface between the A1i and a 2″ HHA Lens kit in whatever magnification you want. I offer two types; one is smaller, (3/8″ long) that can either be taped or glued to the sight and the HHA ring. The second is larger (3/4″ long), its can be glued or taped to the sight and bolted to the HHA ring with the Allen’s that come with the kit. I ship the big ones with the 4-40 nuts installed. The adapters are $25 a piece or $45 for both (shipping included to lower 48 only). Keep in mind you will have to buy the HHA 2″ Lens kit in whatever magnification you like.

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