I recently picked up a set MSA SORDIN SUPREME PRO-X from SRS Tactical. Over the years I have used several different types of hearing protection and hands down these are the best on many levels. Here’s my take on them.

This is what you get in the mail. The kits included a set of batteries and cord that you can connect to a smart phone, iPod or other electronic devise.


Fit: As with most headsets its one size fits all. Place on you head and pull down on the ear muffs to adjust. The head strap is well build and they adjust well with solid clicks. I have big ear lobs (according to my better 1/2) so I need to cover a lot. I also hear behind the air hearing aids (ReSound Linx) and thankfully I have room for all.

Function: Electronic wise these are very advanced. I’m coming out of a set of Howard Leigh’s and hearing voices while someone was shooting was impossible. Yes, the Leigh’s worked as designed, it cancelled the bang, but also everything else. The Sordins on the other hand also cancel the bang, but you can carry on a normal conversation as you can still hear what people are saying. I tested on the range the other day and was easily to carry on a conversation while a few other shooters cranked away.

With the microphones facing forward the on/off and volume controls are on the left.


Sound quality: Sound quality and amplification is very good. Voices don’t sound electronic or over amplified. If you are attending a class where the instructor is behind you simply ware the headset with the microphones facing back. I cannot feel a difference in comfort if I do this. Amplifying is great and you can really crank up the volume. When I was first testing them around the house I was shocked at how loud my own breathing was! Also, I have no issue with feedback or other interference with my hearing aids.

Hold down the on/off button for a second to turn on and a few seconds to turn off. + to increase volume and – to decrease. Apparently the batteries last a long time but I have not tested for an extended period. They do have an auto off after 4 hours.


Comfort: I believe all Sordins can be fitted with gel ear pads as opposed to the standard plastic/vinyl type. The Pro X comes standard with them. Its hard to describe how they feel, but very comfortable does not do them justice, at all.

Gel cups, audio jack and water tight battery door (on right).


Wearing regular hearing protection is like having a “C” clamp on your head with your grandmothers hard vinyl couch on each ear. After 20 minutes or so your safety glasses are cutting divots in your head and your ears are starting to melt.

With gel ear pads in the Sordins your ears feel like their wrapped in cushions of soft silk and no pain from the “C” clamp effect as the gel simply molds around your safety glasses. Yes, your ears will get warm, but you don’t get that plastic/vinyl feeling, where your head set is slipping, sliding and you fell the need to ring your ears out. Even my better 1/2 was impressed and immediately said “the Sordins are much more comfortable. The longest time I tested so far while wearing both the head set and safety glasses was a little over 2.5 hours, that’s without removing either. The bottom line is I felt relatively no discomfort. I can guarantee that in my old set I’d have lasted no more that 20 minutes. The bonus was not only did my head feel like it was going to pop off while I was wearing them, it also hurt the following day.

Price: Well I save the worst for last! The short story is there are expensive. However, if I saved all the money I spent over the years on other brands and added a few dollars I’d have bought a set of Sordins. The good news is you will cry once over sticker shock but some day I’ll be able to will these to my kids!

The bottom line is you get what you pay for and in this case you are getting a top shelf product that works very well and is very comfortable to wear.


  1. I have a pair of the tactical black earmuffs with the cute little box as well. I started out with a green pair that my guests now use. I’ve purchased pairs for all 4 other shooters in my family as well. Virtually everyone of the instructors at Gunsite had them when I went there, so I took that as a recommendation.

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