challenge TARGETS review

I ordered a 12″ dia 1/4″ thick target from challenge TARGETS a few weeks ago. Today I finally had an opportunity to test it out. The bottom line is it works exactly as expected and as designed. I’m very pleased with the quality, finish and ease of use.

I got the Stake Target System which includes all you see in the following photo less the 2×4.


Here’s a close up of the actual target. I set it up at approximately 15 yards and shot 9mm (reloads) and .22 CCI Standard Velocity. I made sure it had a good angle to avoid ricochets with the .22, but at 15 yards it was not an issue.


Here’s a photo of the back. The bracket bolts onto the target plate and slips onto the 2×4. It’s a tight fix with no room for movement. The nuts and bolts simply sit on top of the 2x and stop it from slipping down.


This is a side view. Two strong springs sit between the target plate and bracket. This is a neat idea and really helps the plate absorb the energy of the projectile.


The stake base bracket is the same as the top except you bolt on a robust stake that you drive into the ground.

Front view.


Side view. Note the thumb screws that can be tightened against the 2x.


Set up on the range takes a few minutes. I brought a small sledge to set the stake bracket with me but with soft ground you could stomp it in with your foot. I eyeballed the angle and prior to hammering it home I placed the 2x in it to confirm. Then drop in the 2x, secure the thumb screws and finally place the target.

At 15 yards hitting a 12″ plate was fairly easy and it makes a very audible ding when the projectile hits. It’s a very satisfying sound and there nothing like instant feedback. That bang ding, bang ding never gets old!

Overall I’m very pleased. These targets are not the cheapest but in this case you get what you paid for, a well made quality product that works.

As with all shooting sports you need to be very careful. Don’t blame me is you make a mistake. I’m not associated with challenge TARGETS in any way. Go here for more details.

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