Thank u know who it’s almost Friday. It was an interesting week so far! Tonight was the first Revit class at the BAC (Boston Architectural College). Good group of student from all over and with varied backgrounds. It was nice to be back teaching.

Tomorrow is 1/2 work and 1/2 play! Next post will be while I’m boarding.

Range night

Got to the indoor range last night and tested out some new ammo in my S+W M41. Up to this point it was on a steady diet of CCI Standard Velocity, but I bought some American Eagle by Federal and it seems to be just a reliable as the regular bulk pack (550) round Federal stuff. I had one hang fire in 120 rounds. It was the last round in that clip and I tried to re-fire without rotating the round but it also failed. I tossed it in the squib can and move on. All in all the results seems the same to me. Keep in mind I was shooting single handed so this was not an accuracy test from a fixed position just a will it shoot test!

Go here for details on America Eagle:

Go here for details on S+w M41:

Go here for details on CCI Standard Velocity:




Snowboarding at Wachusett Mountain

Who said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks! I finally managed to get on the lift last Friday for the first time this season. I took a few lessons last year and forgot everything. This year I’m helping out with our sons ski program and decided to buy a season pass. I worked it out at the office so I can come out mid afternoon on Friday’s, snag a few tables for the ski kids and get in a few runs. Last week was only my second time this season, but it all came back fairly quickly, and so did the ground! I hate catching an edge……you know what I mean… little edge and its face plant time. Other than a few spills I had a great time and it was really fun to board with the GMAN. By the way he falls as much as I do, but he’s closes to the ground.

Go here for detail on the mountain. Great place for kids of all ages.