Bowling time

I brought the kids bowling on Sunday. I bowed out based on my bum thumb. The good news is it’s getting better and the kids had a good time anyways.

JMan launches one down stream. By launching I mean he typically hit the floor about 1/2 down the lane! However, look at that form.

GMan on the other hand had a tad more control, but I’m not digging his form, or baggy pants.


Camera man

GMan ran a camera at his school’s football game tonight. Turns out he’s got a good eye and was ask by the commutation manager to cover the game.Apparently it was a live feed but we’re not sure where. In any event he had a good time and was asked back for more.The LA Spartan easily handled Milton. Can’t remember the final score but it was twenty something to six…..He said next time he’ll wear gloves and a winter coat!Photo credit: Mr. Bishop (Lawrence Academy). GMan is the light gray hoodie on the left at the railing.

Friendly Toast

We have a Friendly Toast in Burlington MA! No more driving to Portsmouth NH…..unless a side trip to Kittery Trading Post is included.

Jess surprised me for our anniversary. Happy to say the food and service are spot on….and if you go in hungry you will not come out that way.

The bonus is if you like shopping is it’s in the Burlington Mall….right next to Legal Seafood.

Happy Anniversary/Halloween

Happy Anniversary to Jess and I and happy Halloween to everyone else. Today is 18 years….and counting….Love you Jess.

Cards, flowers (from Lenore) and Halloween muffins for good measure.

GMan aka panda boy and JMan the baconactor.


Panda boy and meinshark

Forge Pond

Jess and I spent some time today at Forge Pond (Westford MA). The weather was beautiful for a little sand on you shoes time.

Below: Jess and I

The pond reminds me of hanging out at Lough Ree when I lived in Ireland.

Below: Pano of Forge Pond.

Knock your socks off customer service

Some of you may know and/or may have read “Delivering Knock your socks off customer service“. One thing I learned from my time in software support is knowing everything is not good support. Asking the right questions will get you much further down the road to a happy customer than coming across as a know it all. Also, follow ups are equally as important, checking in to see if the solution worked or is the customer has any additional questions or concerns.

My recent thumb job was fixed by the nice folks at Lahey Clinic (Peabody MA). Not only did I get a follow up call but today I received “speedy recovery” card that was signed by all the staff I interacted with.

This goes above and beyond my expectations of knock your socks off customer service. I was very happy with how things went to date and this is just icing on the cake.

By the way, I’m doing much better, (think I’ll go for a walk).

Card and club hand!

More pumpkins

Jess and the boys went pumpkin picking at our usual place Pickard Farm in Littleton MA today.

I stayed at home recuperating and took a nap. Naps rock….

JMan and GMan on a tractor/trailer ride.

Jess and JMan all smiles.

According to Jess this years pumpkins were really big. Here’s GMan making off with his selection.

The owner challenged himself to pick up pumpkins with a log loader. Jess said he managed a few but other turned to mush.

All screwed up

Update on my thumb job. Outpatient surgery went very well yesterday and my doc said I’ll make a full recovery. We got into the hospital at 11:30am and out the door at 4:15pm.

Before the event. With 5 days into the first fix I’m doing okay on pain. However, I suspected that will change!

Doc cutting off my cast. He cut around the art work and he said he couldn’t bring himself to destroy it. It even came home as a souvenir.

If you never had a nerve block it’s almost worth trying…..once. The anesthesiologist finds a nerve and only numbs a particular area. In my case it was my right arm from shoulder to fingers. Essentially it turned my arm into a lump of meat that I had zero control over. On several occasions I found myself trying to scratch a phantom hand. The feeling was so real that I’d reach out and scratch the air, all the while my real hand was 16″ away in a brace…..very weird.

Along with my souvenir cast the real and very permanent additions I now have are a titanium plate held in place with 6 (1.5 mm diameter) titanium screws. Having spent a good deal of time in my past careers playing with metals I know that my new addictions will out late me by many lifetimes. As we used to say years ago about titanium “it will never lose it shape, color, texture, or rust, rot, warp, fade in any way….ever”. In other words there here to stay.

The final results. Now all I need to do is lay low, let the meds work as this hurts like a mofo and get back on my feet.

Looking from the palm side.

Looking the other way.

This was the initial fracture.