Random weekend photos 

JMan saves a turtle.

Water never looked so good.

GMan and I out for a training ride.

Parachutes floating back to down.

What could be going on here?

This is how you get an 8 grader excited about homework…..give him a match.

Anyone for a marshmallow?

Boys and war movies 

GMan and I watched Full Metal Jacket tonight. My late father in law Lou gave me the movie a years ago along with a box set of Band of Brothers.

My right of passage, war movie wise with my dad was The Guns of Navarone. My bother and I were quite a bit younger at the time but I can still remember sneaking into the theater so the box lady would not see us. My dad went in and bought three tickets, then we ran in and up the stair without getting spotted. The rule was once you got up the stairs you were in!

Stanley Kubrick made a lot of great movies and I’ve watched FMJ at least 20 times. Perhaps in a few more years JMan will partake.

Random weekend photos 

Pond at Westford Sportman’s Club.

Starbucks fix.

The other Green Monster(s).

Ice cream fix at Richardson’s in Jordan’s Furniture……after a shopping trip to REI.

Still looking for that far far away galaxy!

JMan on high.

While mom watches on….nervously.

Fifty shades of workout accessories. 

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all dads. I got some cool cards, a four leaf clover kit, an REI card, a wonderful breakfast and lots of love from my family.

Here’s a photo of my father. I’m guessing this was the early sixties and most likely the cliffs of Moher.

JMan is shaving 

Well, not really. His granny got him an early b-day present….a Razor.

Here he is zooming on by. It’s a fast little scooter.

Boys and toys, it never gets old!

School’s out…officially 

GMan graduated today from Applewild. It was a great event and both kids and adults had a wonderful time.

Our little man is growing up so fast. Next stop is highschool.

Receiving his diploma.

On the lawn later with some of his classmates for group photos. Again, we are so proud of what he accomplished and the fine young man he’s grown into. 

Recognition Day

Tuesday am was recognition day at GMans school. 

He picked up the “Upper School Band Director Award” for his Saxophone playing over the years. We are all very proud of him.

He also wrote about me in his final art piece. 

Leominster Summer Stroll 

We went out to the Leominster Summer Stroll this afternoon. 

JMan and Jess got Henna tattoos. 

JMan tried out the front seat of a cruiser (which is much nicer than the back seat) and some heavy equipment.

We checked out a fire truck.

And marked another one off my bucket list!

Jess and JMan convinced me that doing a little upper body workout was a good idea. Go here for my 10 second with a battle rope. The gym owner asked a few key questions and decided that back and forth would be more of a challenge….he was right.

JMan got a new hair color

We ate all the wrong things but had fun!

Best Friday gift

Best Friday gift is a 9 year old who tells you “I want to cut the grass”. My immediate response was “have at it”

Remember when….

Remember when going to the Cape required clean underwear, a toothbrush, a non maxed out credit card, and an ID for the sole purpose of buying alcohol or possible forensic matters. GMan is heading south after school today and here’s his bag.

A close up of the collection.

That’s 3 long boards, a mask, some chain and I spotted a pair of short and sweater, which is good since he’s gone until Sunday. Not sure what the mask is all about and I’m afraid to ask about the chain!

Clearly the other important item, well app….is Snapchat on his iPhone! Have fun.