Random weekend photos

23 Oct

More of a JMan that GMan weekend.

1. JMan testing out a furniture dolly at the mill.

2. Reflection of the Quinn lads.

3. JMan with his Red Velvet cupcake for breakfast!

4. Making chips on my new big boy toy.

5. JMAN plate, spotted in Manchvegas NH.

Breaking news

18 Oct

Tooth fairy working back log in Alaska. Will get to all kids in the USA tonight.

Fall tradition

6 Oct

We made it up to Russell Orchards in Ipswich this year for the first time in a while. Years ago I’d be up and around there all the time and Jess and I visited quit often.

Fall pickings.

Pumpkins of all sizes.

No comment on this one, but I’ll admit it was my idea!

The other animals.

Saying this pig is big is an understatement. Anyone for some bacon?



These lads will be getting nervous in a month or so.

The boys feeding a duck.

Apply anyone?

No trip to a farm is not complete without the silly “sit on the old tractor photos”.

Green Acres indeed….moving on. 

It a busy place on the weekend but worth a visit.

Castle Hill

6 Oct

Castle Hill is one of my most favorite place on the north shore. I spend years coming up to Cranes Beach, visiting the house or taking some event. Just walking down the garden to the beach is worth the visit. Since we were just down the road we decided to once again check out the grand old estate.

The downstairs of the house was open so we did a quick tour. The grand stair case is quite grand. They (or should I say we) don’t build them like they used to.

The garden leading to the beach is worth the walk for exercise and the views.

JMan hoping for a magical ride.

The boys take in a game of chess.

The house on the hill….yes, that blue dot is Jess.

And she caught up to me.

And a little further down……

And finally the end!

If you are ever up this way and like cool old houses you’ll have to visit Castle Hill.

New pet

26 Sep

We got a new pet. It required no maintenance except a dusting every 5 or 6 years, no food which means no pick up on the other end, it’s dead quite and will always be happy to see you, however, it will never come running to meet you.

Presenting “Skinny

What really got my attention was the label and in particular “For Decoration Only“. Snaps, I was so looking forward to a little plastic rat a touille. Really, do they think people will actually eat it. Let’s put you know who in the White House and he’ll have a plan to deal with this….or will he!

Apparently, he likes grapes.

Random weekend photos 

26 Sep

This about wraps it up.

Fall = Apple Picking 

26 Sep

If you live or lived in New England you probably went picking apples in the fall. 

GMan reaching for that perfect apple.

Not to be out done by his older brother….

Crank er up and we’ll go for a spin.

GMans B-Day

25 Sep

Today is GMans b-day. He started the day off with a few rounds of Tanki and Jess sprinkled him with some confetti.

The boys came over and started out playing Pokémon at the house.

And a little at Faneuil Hall.

And at Custom House.

In between they got a little hang time!

Cool and the gang at Durgin Park.

The corn bread has not changed much since the last time I was here, or the first time for that matter.

The birthday boy. Go here for the happy birthday song by the Durgin staff and patrons. Yes, he was sufficiently embarrassed! 

Reflections of the cool birthday boy.

Tour guide.

Yup, more Pokémon.

The boys again at Boston Harbor.

Box Boy 

19 Sep

Remember when the packaging was more fun than the contents! Well, it still is.

Box Boy…..coming to a theater not near you never…

Random weekend photos

19 Sep

Just another typical weekend…….