Farm visit

28 May

The farm stand down the road had an open house today and we went down with JMan for a bit.

More birthday gifts

27 May

My (much) better 1/2 not only bought me a bunch of Kuhl gear she also gave me 2 bunches of flowers!

And a cake!

And my buddy Brad gave me this prior to heading west!

Happy B-Day to me

27 May

Don’t ask how old….

Sushi class

23 May

JMan and I took a Sushi class today at the Bamboo Restaurant in Westford MA. 

About 16 people attended with 2 Chiefs, 2 translators a few helpers and the restaurant owner.

The head chef explained in Japanese and demonstrated what we were about to do. Then one of the translators repeated in English, then we attempted.

JMan pealing avocado.

Getting some help cutting cucumber.

Rolling up and placing Sushi in tray.

A little help slicing his Sushi.

All cut.

The finished product. All in all it was a lot of fun and the few pieces I sampled were great. JMan asked the manager when the next class will be!

Philadelphia – 3

23 May

Old airport terminal building and tower. 

Feeding the wildlife at the train station. Worked the booth till 1 then back to my hotel to meet an old friend Barbara W. It was great catching up.

Philadelphia – 2

21 May

Autodesk booth. Today was busy with lots of application questions and how do I do this or that. Made the day fly by.

Remember that post on really big fan. Well I had a few minutes this am to walk around the conversation hall and I found the vendor….and the BIG ASS fan mascot…..a 3′ tall yellow ass!

There was lots of other cool stuff but I don’t want to bore you with all that architectural stuff.

Philadelphia – 1 

19 May

Busy show, lots of question made the day go by.

Walkway reflection.

Part of the existing conference center.

Now here’s something a true mountain biker need.

Liberty reflection or is it an odd sign of out times!

Philadelphia has some great buildings. We don’t build them like they used to!

Except for the no stopping sign Independence Hall has not changed a whole lot since “We the people” was signed.

Philadelphia City Hall. Built in the Second Empire architecture style. 


Road trip

18 May

Work brings me to the AIA Convention in Philadelphia PA. Here’s my view for the next few days. I guess if I want to leave in a hurry I can walk to my terminal or ship for that matter.

GMan on the move

18 May

GMan on the move at today’s game. 8 to 4 for us. He’s in the middle #6.

Fishing and other activities 

16 May

JMan wanted to get in some fishing today so we hit Forge Pond for a bit. Look at that Irish sky. Might a well be in Hodson Bay with a pint of Arthur.

He didn’t catch anything! I didn’t fish as the last thing I needed was the game warden looking for the permit I don’t have. Kids can fish without one.

Later he caught up on the latest news with fruity concoction from the blender…..I spiked mine as the wind on the pond went through me for a short cut. I must say I’m feeling rather Irish this evening. 


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