Random photos

Top left: JMan’s award for skating around the ice rink without using the board.

Right: JMan and his snowman.

The other photo was dinner! But it was homemade…


Drying Rack

Did a little tidy up and made a new laundry drying rack……brass laundry that is.

Tap this

The one on the right is what locals drink, the one of the left is for the after life…..

Pass the bread

JMan tried his hand at baking a few weeks ago and I forgot to post the results.

It was a good effort but I think leaving the dough overnight in fridge overnight was it’s downfall….let’s just say it was a bit doughy! However, that didn’t stop us from scarfing it down…something about warm bread!

Random weekend photos

JMan and I had breakfast at the club this am and tried some archery afterwards. I was very impressed with J’s skills and he proudly announced that he had lots of experience from summer camp. I never shot a compound bow before…..and I may have found yet another hobby.

Later we went skating, well JMan did and I watched.

Snowy Road

This is Ragged Mountain Road (Danbury NH) as we headed home yesterday. Certainly brings new meaning to “keep her between the uprights“. It was a long drive…but a safe one.

Ragged Mountain

First snowboarding trip of the season. Got JMan his season pass thanks to Zimmerman’s in Nashua NH, GMan and I had discounted tickets via Liftopia.

It started snowing when we left home and snowed the whole way up. The mountain was very quite and remained quite all day. Boarding got better and better but a dozen or so runs later we are cooked. I feel my 4 month absence from the gym!

The boys at the bottom.

GMan and I taking a pit stop on the way down. As you can see we have the whole place to ourselves.

Great place, great day, great company, we’ll be back.