Friday boarding- night 3

20 Jan

We have snow! Conditions are so much better than last week. However, it was a low bar to get over.

JMan sporting his new boarding jacket, pants and gloves (with built in wrist guards).

Selfie on the magic carpet. JMan is already starting to connect his turns. In a few weeks we’ll be on Ralph’s Run.

Let them eat cake

19 Jan

We are having a very bake year so far at the homestead. Here’s a few that I manage to shoot prior to eating!

First up Lemon Cake

Then there was Snickerdoodle cookies 

The latest creation was camouflage cake. This would be a good one to hide behind, assuming you did not eat it.

Friday boarding – night 2

14 Jan

Should you be worried if you see running, we are talking a stream of water in the middle of the run you are about to come down? 

This is where we welcome all non New England boarders and skiers to real New England conditions…..

This picture sums it up.

Poor is one word…and I have a few others, but I’ll keep them to myself. After all this is a family blog. 

Here’s another picture and I might add more appropriate attire for today’s/tonigh’s conditions.

JMans has the right idea and my boarding boot are coming off. Big bro GMan is off harassing the natives or some other teen age activities. I’m certain he’ll show up when he wants a ride home.

Now all we need is a good snow dance. Remember this one!

Winter wonder land

8 Jan

We got a few inches yesterday. It was a lot less than south of us but enough to make the place look pretty.

Boarding season

7 Jan

Last night was our first ski/boarding session for GMans school. This year as always I’m heading to Wachusett Mountain early to save some tables. However, as this is GMans last year I’m also bringing JMan.

It was magic carpet time for several runs but JMan moved up to the chairlift as the evening and his conference progressed. 

GMan on the other hand was off ripping black diamonds with his classmates. I think I saw him twice the whole evening. It’s a teenager thing…..being there, done that, have lots of tee shirts to prove it.

The iPod glow! Here’s JMan waiting for his group lesson. 

After his lesson we had dinner….well 1st dinner. About a hour and a half later JMan announced he wanted a second dinner! Then it was back out for a few more runs. I did make the top a few times thanks to the other school parents hanging out in the lodge.

JMan an I taking a little rest on Hitchcock. 

One thing I noticed……it’s really hard to snowboard slow! Like hiking, where all should walk as fast as the slowest hiker, I both wanted to hang with JMan so I could give him pointers ,encourage him and stay upright while moving at a glacial place, not to mention avoiding the novice skiers/boarders…….it’s more of a workout than going flat out!

However, like I did with his big brother, there’s are cherished moments and won’t be forgotten.

Have fun, board or ski safe and if your my age keep all flat surfaces attached to feet on the ground at all time. 

Thou shalt not let air between thine board and that white surface upon which you glide…..

Happy (last night of) Hanukkah

1 Jan

8 nights times 10 menorah = 440 candles…..but who’s counting! Our oil bill when down this week with all the heat our menorahs were generating.

Gingerbread House

30 Dec

In the spirit of the holiday season, and for the sake of my architectural degree, JMan, GMan and I build a gingerbread house. Tonight JMan and I applied the finishing touches. 

Complete with shadow study!

I’m guessing it’s 11:45am on a sunny day with no clouds.

For all you architectural types. This is the SOUTH ELEVATION

Sledding with JMan

30 Dec

JMan and I hit the library hill this am.

JMan taking a rest between runs.

Park Gazebo 

Snow graffiti. 

Happy holidays to all

25 Dec

Where ever you are and what ever you celebrate (or voted for) have a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy Hanukkah 

25 Dec

Hanukkah is not complete without potato latkes, dreidels and gelt.

Don’t forget the apple sauce and powdered sugar.

We be like eight’s too many, but who’s counting…..menorah that is.