GMans B-Day

25 Sep

Today is GMans b-day. He started the day off with a few rounds of Tanki and Jess sprinkled him with some confetti.

The boys came over and started out playing Pokémon at the house.

And a little at Faneuil Hall.

And at Custom House.

In between they got a little hang time!

Cool and the gang at Durgin Park.

The corn bread has not changed much since the last time I was here, or the first time for that matter.

The birthday boy. Go here for the happy birthday song by the Durgin staff and patrons. Yes, he was sufficiently embarrassed! 

Reflections of the cool birthday boy.

Tour guide.

Yup, more Pokémon.

The boys again at Boston Harbor.

Box Boy 

19 Sep

Remember when the packaging was more fun than the contents! Well, it still is.

Box Boy…..coming to a theater not near you never…

Random weekend photos

19 Sep

Just another typical weekend…….

JMans latest creation

12 Sep

JMan made a fine looking and tasting apple pie in school today.

And an individual serving. 

On your bike

11 Sep

Found in Doolin Ireland.

Photo credit: NorahQ

JMan – 1st day

7 Sep

Here’s JMan on the way out the door to 3rd grade.

GMan – First day of 8th grade

6 Sep

Here’s GMan on the way out the door this am. First day of 8th grade.

You’re gonna need a bigger car!

6 Sep

We call this one the SmartA$$ car.

Cape Cod – Day 6

4 Sep

This sure beats cold pizza and warm beer for breakfast! Actually it was a mid morning snack for the rest of the family yesterday morning while I was slogging away at case work and fielding roll over calls! No, I can’t activate your product, or transfer to someone who can but good luck with that one…..sur.

Nothing like some Salt Water Taffy for the ride home.

Taffy in all manner of flavor. I think they have 25 to choose from.

You simply cannot spend a week on Cape Cod without going to an amusement arcade.

Jess and GMan waiting for tickets to appear.

GMan discovered this one on the bottom….pre filet and all.

And of course Pokesomethingorother!

Zero traffic on the Sagamore Bridge. Well….one car, but who counting.

Back in the homestead. We all had a great time on the Cape. 

Cape Cod – Day 5

3 Sep

3/5 work and way more than 2/5 play. Today we visited some friend Herb and Miriam and spent the afternoon at the beach. It was a little windy but the sun felt wonderful.

CRABS! This one was a gonner before GMan found him.

GMan explaining the finer point of ripping a claw off.

The boy on the way back from the beach.

GMan and JMan getting a sneak preview of Miriams’ new book due out next week. What a nice treat.

Miriam is a great piano player. She and the kids had fun playing and kidding around. It was a good visit and we promised to get back at least once more this year.

Lobsters at the local snack bar. Spoiler alert boys…….it does not end well!