Ta siad ag teacht!

24 Apr

“Ta siad ag teacht!”, followed by “Arís Anthony”.

Only the Irish gang will get this one. However, 6 pack for the first non Mick who figures it out.

Photo take during RunZilla on Saturday.


23 Apr

Not that I needed any more exercise today but we went to The Battlezone in Devens MA this afternoon. 

Jess and I were going to sit it out but it was quite so we joined in on the fun. Besides, when else can you get away with shooting your kids…..well with nerf guns that is!

Jess move in for a closer shot.

GMan and JMan close in on me. Clearly JMan got the upper hand…..this time.

The kids lay down some cover fire. If you are in the area it’s worth checking out. 


22 Apr

Great day at RunZilla. 5k run followed by a 2 mile run with obstacles……followed by a CrossFit type workout……with some more running…..just for good measure.

Would not have made it without the gang from my old gym.

And the medals to prove I did…..rather survived it. 

We did all sorts of things, like rolling beer barrels. Now there’s something I have experience with.

Group shot of the gang. Back row; Adam, David, Laurie, me, Karen. Front row; Jen and Denise. Thanks to the Fort gang for cheering me on.

Longboard build

18 Apr

GMan mentioned building a longboard the other day so I suggested Googling some info. He found a few sites, videos and the process seemed fairly straightforward.

He currently has a drop deck board but wanted a regular one. After searching for a while he also found a site with a pattern. Through the magic of Revit (architectural drafting application) I scaled the pattern to full size and split the drawing so we could print on 8 1/2 by 11.

He wanted the front and tail to match so laying out was easy. Above are the patterns spray mounted to the birch plywood he wanted to use.

Close up of the truck location and required bolt holes.

Cutting out was easy with a jig saw. Just leave the line and sand to finish.

The finished board. Next we drilled the holes and mounted the trucks.

Trucks installed. The maiden voyage went better that I expected.

GMan took it down the road and it worked very well.

Zoom zoom….

Family day out

16 Apr

From the Old Manse in Concord to the Museum of Science. We had a very diverse family day out.


Outside the Old Manse in Concord. We were going to check out the inside of the house but it was close.

At the chocolate exhibition.

And the lighting show. We all know that flying a kite is a bad idea during a lightning store.

Apparently sitting in your car ok. The charged atoms will flow over the steel car body and ground through the tires. However, convertibles will not work as well!

Modern multitasking teenager

16 Apr

Remember when we went out to play!

It’s official 

13 Apr

I guess they want me to stay…..got my two ply maple business cards today.

Yup, the season is over

11 Apr

At 85 degrees today it’s safe to say the snowboarding season is over. I put all the gear away so it will be ready when the white flakes start falling again.

Moving on to biking and hiking…..and a few runs for good measure.

My sled and boots in their summer home!

High school 

9 Apr

GMan will be attending Lawrence Academy  (LA) this fall for high school. It came down to Cushing and Lawrence but after revisit days and several conversations LA won out. We are all very proud of him and excited for what’s to come.

GMan tooling around campus yesterday on his long board just before he finally settled on his choice…….which was our pick also. 

Matzah making

2 Apr

Today was JMan turn to make matzah. If you want to look back at GMan event go here.

Once again it was at the Boy Scouts Camp in Sudbury MA. Like the last time it started with separating the wheat from the shaft.

Jess and JMan hard at work.

Then grinding the wheat to make flour.

The whole process from adding water to taking it out of the over can’t be more than 18 minutes (for kosher matzah).

All the kids listening to instructions right before the water was added to the flour.

Balling and rolling out the dough.

I even got in on the action.

Into the over they go.

What came out looking like matzah but not quite done enough.

The matzah crew.

I case you are wondering where GMan is, he’s at states History Day. More on that in a later post.