Documenting on high

Today I’m doing some live Revit documentation of a church steeple. Really cool stuff.

Apparently the top of the steeple is leaning for the least 100 or so years. The intent is document the structure to see if a suitable jacking point can be used to right the steeple.

Water has done a number over the years but overall the building is in fine shape. I really like the rock counter balance on top of the bell.

Looking skyward to the top of the steeple. Clearly my iPhone flash is not bright enough to illuminate all the way up.

Corner structure detail. It was fun figuring out how all the loads are transferred down. Cold job this am and the entire steeple shook a lot when the wind picked up. Below is an image from my finished Revit model.


JMans first concert

JMans first school concert was last night. All the boys did a good job and it was a well attended event.

JMan is far right. This is combined grades.

JMan, back row, 5 from left, his grade only.

Boys and toys

A few year ago while on vacation the resort we stayed at had a bunch of Xbox consoles. I spend all of my time in Forza, I think it was Forza 2 at the time.

Keep in mind I never got into video game as a kid, too busy turning turf or saving hay to wind away countless hours playing Astroids…..but I really enjoyed this racing game.

Fast forward a few years to the Microsoft Store at your local mall where I was reintroduced to Xbox. In the middle somewhere I also downloaded and played Real Racing on my iPhone but with a small screen it’s hard to really get into it. We have a Wii U but Minecraft and Mario Kart and not my kettle of fish.

A few weeks ago one of my Facebook friends mentioned a Black Friday deal on Forza 7, and the bonus is you can download and play on a Windows 10 machine… no console needed. Finally I found a use for a laptop I bought last Black Friday which was intended for Revit, but Win 10, 4K monitor and Revit do not play well together. So I ended up with a screaming laptop that happens to have great graphics!

So $84.99 later I downloaded and installed Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition. Might as well have it all if it’s on sale. Test driving on my laptop was a joke so I started looking into controllers then steering wheels/peddles. I’m guessing GMan talked to my better 1/2 and I ended up with an early Hanukkah gift, a Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel and pedal set. Call me a geek, but this thing is cool and very addicting. Not that I’m going to lock myself in the basement…..but since I have a few weeks off I will be taking in a few races.

I set up user account for the boys and we all had a turn. I later found a DCMI cable and hooked my laptop up to the basement tv. It’s not 4K but the graphics are still good.

JMan working it.

GMan having a go.

Yours truly at the wheel. The techie in me is very impressed with the game, graphics, steering wheel (with feedback) and peddles. Highly recommended for all you gamers.

Random photos

Just some random photos from the past week.

Clockwise: The boys in uncle Richie’s shop. On the way home from NJ we checked out the shop. It came out great and Richie is very happy with it.

GMan opening his new and very cool sneakers. The name on the box says it all.

The shop that Al designed….outside of Richie shop. Would love to have one just like it in my own back yard!

Building families

Here’s what some Revit users do between projects. We practice building families….Revit families that is.

It’s a YAG Laser ophthalmology platform. You can find it on RevitCity should you ever have the need for one in your project.

Bowling time

I brought the kids bowling on Sunday. I bowed out based on my bum thumb. The good news is it’s getting better and the kids had a good time anyways.

JMan launches one down stream. By launching I mean he typically hit the floor about 1/2 down the lane! However, look at that form.

GMan on the other hand had a tad more control, but I’m not digging his form, or baggy pants.

Camera man

GMan ran a camera at his school’s football game tonight. Turns out he’s got a good eye and was ask by the commutation manager to cover the game.Apparently it was a live feed but we’re not sure where. In any event he had a good time and was asked back for more.The LA Spartan easily handled Milton. Can’t remember the final score but it was twenty something to six…..He said next time he’ll wear gloves and a winter coat!Photo credit: Mr. Bishop (Lawrence Academy). GMan is the light gray hoodie on the left at the railing.

Friendly Toast

We have a Friendly Toast in Burlington MA! No more driving to Portsmouth NH…..unless a side trip to Kittery Trading Post is included.

Jess surprised me for our anniversary. Happy to say the food and service are spot on….and if you go in hungry you will not come out that way.

The bonus is if you like shopping is it’s in the Burlington Mall….right next to Legal Seafood.

Happy Anniversary/Halloween

Happy Anniversary to Jess and I and happy Halloween to everyone else. Today is 18 years….and counting….Love you Jess.

Cards, flowers (from Lenore) and Halloween muffins for good measure.

GMan aka panda boy and JMan the baconactor.


Panda boy and meinshark