JMans note 

3 May

Found this note on JMans door this am!

Reflected grating 

29 Apr

Snapped this one at GMans school.

Paint Ball

24 Apr

I shot some photos at a paint ball birthday party today. It was a lot of fun to get back behind a (real) camera. iPhones are great for snapping the kids and pets but nothing beats a DSLR.


23 Apr

Brunch was one of my favorite meal while growing up (well, sowing my oats) on Cape Cod. However, I don’t think I’d go to the Belly Buster for brunch, but since we are in town why now…..Billerica that is….pronounced Bill-er-rick-a.

It’s the sort of place where everyone is either honey or dear and there interchange terms depending on who talking. The greasy spoon factor is high but it’s all good!

How good can a hair cut be?

23 Apr

I guess we’ll have to wait 1/2 the morning to figure it out!

Was it worth the 2 + hours? I think so, but next time I’ll be waiting outside at 7:30. If so inclined it’s called Cut n Blend in Billerica.

And today in Florida

22 Apr

Apparently J and J got in some beach time.

JMan ready to dig in.

JMan’s new pet

20 Apr

Not really. He’s at the zoo and the animals came to visit.

J and J.

Hey you with the long neck.


20 Apr

Thanks Jess

J and J FL trip

18 Apr

JMan looks good behind the wheel.

Here’s Jess’ idea of dropping in!

Beach cam. Screen grab of Jess and JMan enjoying the sun.

Big kid playground 

15 Apr

GMan and JMan had a go at the big kid playground at Jordan’s in Redding over the weekend. I sat around and had ice cream then we went to my favorite store REI!

On the zip line



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