Weekend Photos

22 Aug

Here’s a few photos from our weekend. It was all about family.

Friday Ale

20 Aug

Nice Amber Ale from New Belgium – Fat Tire. I have to admit it…..I bought it for the label, but the contents is good. 

Spotted on 95 North

15 Aug

This is a rear case of meeting yourself coming!

Trampoline time

8 Aug

The kids and I hit the trampolines for a bit today. 

Let’s just say that’s it’s harder than it looks and I feel the results in the am. However, we all had a blast.

Jimmy the fish!

6 Aug

Jimmy the fish took his final lap today. He was a mighty little blue bugger who went around in circles all day. 

Where was this when I was dating!

1 Aug

Vanity plate

30 Jul

Yup, I agree. Thanks Mr. B


30 Jul

Found this in our local newspaper. Apparently for the rest of the year kids will be having a grand old time!

Page 2 – The Groton Herald

Again on page 4 – The Groton Herald. I guess the Groton PD are really serious about this.

Random weekend photos

25 Jul

Here’s what our weekend looked like.

Surf boy

20 Jul

GMan found a new sport!

Go here for a short video.


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