Subu got new shoes

So I had the Subu in Manchester Subaru yesterday for a oil change. I figure since I work around the corner for almost two years I may as well check it out. Compared to Subaru of Hudson they had a lot more cars on the lot, but the showroom and repair department are dated. I doped off and got a ride to work. A few hours later I got the call, you know the one, and as I figured they suggested a laundry list of possible way of spending my money!

1. Tires – They said I had 1/32″ of thread on the front and 2/32″ on the back. Why is it not 1/16″? To which I replied “at least there wearing evenly, and I thought to myself….perhaps if I rotate I’ll get a few more miles or they will even out to 3/64” each!

2. Front pads and rotors – Apparently the pads were down to the metal! Well I said the last time they were that bad it sounded like a first year apprentice taking off way too much steel on a fifty year old lathe! It goes something like this “gnaaaaar, clunk, clunk, screech and finally stop, and don’t forget that unmistakable metal on metal smell”. They were not impressed! I was beginning to think they had no sense of humor. The folks in Nashua are much more laid back.

3. Front suspension parts – They yammered off a 1/2 dozen or so parts that were about to fall off the car if I did not replace them yesterday. To which I also respectfully declined and said “they got me to the dealership this morning so things can’t be that bad”. Again I got the unimpressed response.

4. Other things mentioned – Timing belt, done I said. Air filer, change it I said. Transmission flush – no thanks. 125,000 service (for the bargain price of $560.00). I wonder what that covered? I didn’t ask and thankfully they did not offer. Besides I said thats a whole 3k and change away. Remind me in a few weeks, not.

When she finally stopped talking I said let’s change the oil and air filer and call it a day. $70 later I was done.

Got a ride back to the dealer and on the way back to the office I stopped into a parts store and bought pads ( front and back) for $54. I figured thirty minutes in the drive way is better than $360 at the dealership. Of course that price included pads, but mine have character and like me are a little warped and rusty, and pads will wear in soon enough.

On the drive home from the office I stopped into Town Fair Tire on DW highway in Nashua. Brian was working the counter and we discussed the finer point of putting a 2006 Subu Outback up on two wheels while entering any on/off ramp! Brian fully agrees with my style of driving and we decided on a middle of the road summer tire. Not as aggressive as the last set, but V rated tires would be wasted on a family wagon.

One hour later my Subu had new shoes and in proper style I needed to break them in. So out of Town Fair, north on DW and right onto the exit for rt3. I rounded the ramp and beat the suggested speed by 2.24! Ya baby I like these new wheels. If it wasn’t for seven year old suspension I bet I could get my 2.24 up to 2.75!

New shoes.


After a spirited drive home I did a race car pit stop and swapped out the front pads. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m nuts but I was in a “git er done” (Irish version) mode so out came the trolley jack, cranked up the compressor, grabbed the impact gun and raaatattat. Twenty five minutes later I was buzzing down our street making sure I could stop the car. BTW….I could have gotten at least another few months out of the existing pads. I think Manchester Subaru need to lay off the alarmist mode. Settle lads she’ll stop just fine.

Anyhow I figured I was all set for our ride up to Old Forge NY (more on that later) until a friend driving behind me said I had a break light out. A few bucks later that was sorted out. I wonder if the five hundred and something dollar service would have covered that, or would the $2 bulb be an added cost!

Upstate NY here we come.

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