Rebuilding finally underway….inside

Our contractor moved into the house the other day and began the reconstruction phase. First order of business was addressing a slight slope at the overhangs. You may remember the below photo.



Interesting as this is it’s a solution for a house with 2′ overhangs. The floors sagged years ago and will remain in their current bowed position until someone digs a hole and shoves the house into it. The easiest fix is to sister onto the existing framing and cheat the floor back up.

This image shows the tail ends of the sistered framing (by the door on the right….incase you missed them). I can tell you its like night and day walking across the floor now. I put up a few more images later but you can even tell in the photo that is looks and more importantly feels way better. Overall it was about 1″ off, which is not must over 60′ but when it drops that far in 4′ you definitely feel like you are running toward the wall.


Below is a photo of the new framing members. We also installed corner brackets to tie everything together.

Below is a photo from below. Our electrician wanted more sheetrock pulled down so he would break a nail chasing wires!

Not quite as exciting but progress none the less the existing closet – soon to be hall bathroom door was framed up and below the office walls in the Lower Level.

As yesterday was Friday the boss showed up on Payday. Yes, its true…..I’ll work for peanuts.

Lots of work this week. Master and Hall Bathroom walls framed, shower floor and medicine cabinet, wall hung toilet rough framing in and new sub flooring in Living Area.

Above is the shower floor and wall framing.

Another view looking up at the skylight.

Above is the rough framing for the wall hung toilet (left) and medicine cabinets (right).

New sub flooring going down. The existing sub was full of nail holes and felt soft in many areas. The best solution was to go over the whole floor with another layer.

Rough plumbing and electric are under way and looking good.

Master and Hall Bathroom are taking shape. It’s great to see everything coming together, especially since our apartment is rented and out soft deadline got very hard…all of a sudden. However, if things keep rolling we should be able to apply for an Occupancy Permit (OP) just in time. 32 days and counting.

The only attic space in the house will be 5’x3′ over the Hall Bathroom. Our plumber is taking advantage of the space to flush mount a few vent pipes. Lots of room for the electrician wires, both bathroom fans and whatever else we need to stuff in there.

Moving out to the workshop space we now have two official openings for window. The below is the outside view. I think I’ll be trimming a few branches off the 80′ widow maker!

Hopping back to the Living Room we have one of two new posts installed. This is going to be a great space once all the hammers have fell silent.

Above is looking back into the kitchen and the below is the opposite view.

Sub floor in the master bedroom, closet and bedroom #2 in completed….and its looks/feels great.

About is look toward the closet and below is from inside the closet.

All we need is some flooring, patch a few holes, paint and a bed.

More action in the master bathroom. The rough went in for the wall hung toilet and faucets. Hot and cold PEX piping installed here and the hall bathroom.

And jumping out to the workshop space the windows were installed.

Viewed from the outside and I really like the yankee engineered staging.

Staying outside the rear landing when in for the workshop space.

The following day it was completed.

Heading north, I rolled the biggest box out of the Nashua Home Depot. It was so big it would not fit out a regular door.

Below is my buddy Bret who partakes in many of my odd outings.

The large box contains a new double door for our screen porch. The little box on top is a new egress window for a bedroom.

Meanwhile back at the house the plumber got his rough inspection and the electrician needs to tie up a few things and call for his. Below is Lower Level bathroom all plumbed up.

Back on the Main Level the back cabinet wall was built and our electrican roughed in for a switch box.

This afternoon Jess and I visit MSI in Norwood MA to see a raw slab of the counter top we’ll be installing. Even if you are not in the market this place is worth the trip.

The slab behind us is what we’ll be installing. Here’s a shot less the happy couple.

And a close up for good measure!

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