Paddleboy Big Wheel Kayak cart review

I picked up a Paddleboy Big Wheel kayak cart while at Paddlefest. On initial unpacking and assemble I was not completely impressed. It’s basically light gauge tubing bent and bolted together wrapped with rubber in all the important places.

One down side are the cotter pins and flat washers that hold on the removable wheels. Little parts have a tendency of getting lost and I can see a situation where a cotter pin could easily fly away if one was not careful when removing. However, I may swap out the pins for some alternative that snaps closed.

Packing box and cart on kayak.



The good news is this unit is very easy to use, simply pick up the end of the kayak and slide in the cart. In my case I adjusted the cart to its lowest position and that seems to work great. My kayak at 50 lbs is certainly more manageable to wheel rather than carry. The instruction say to attach the plastic hook with elastic cord to the back of the cowl. However that did not work on mine so I attached it to the seat bracket. Same intent, different location. The elastic acts like a shock or spring, locking the cart forward on the kayak, but when you roll over a bump it can give a little.

The bottom tube of the cart has a good sized piece on cushion where it contacts the boat keel. Providing lots of cushion for the kayak.


Front view with the cart in place.


I wheeled my boat around the garden and the cart seemed to work very well. As I already mentioned it was a lot easier than carrying the boat. I may see it I can put a bow (outwards) in the upright tubes as this will allow me to get the cart closer to the boats center of gravity and this will mean less work for me. Currently the cart is as far forward as it can go, but another foot would make a big difference in the amount of effort necessary on my part.

Where the rubber meets the road! The contact points between cart and kayak are covered in rubber.


View from the rear.


When not in use it folds flat and if the wheels were removed it will fit in my boat.


As with everything else in my garage I created a space to hang the unit up. A wish man once told me “a clean shop is a safe shop”.


Overall rating is a 4.5 out of 5.

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