Annual Campton Party

Our neighbors have an annual BBQ in Campton NH. Each year they invite us and for some reason or other we never made it. This year JMan and I made it to the Campton Party.

JMan making ice cream.


View up the river from the back of the house.


End results of making ice cream. Yes, it was a lot of work, but worth it.


Our home for the night.


Who said you can’t have good coffee in the woods! Starbucks instant and my camping stove and it’s great brew all day long.

Lights out all.


JMan giving the thumbs up on breakfast.


The boys at the river.

Soon enough JMan and his shadow will be bigger and taller than me.


Crossing the covered bridge on the way home.


JMan and I had a great time and we are we would like to again thank our hosts J & K it was also nice to see L. We’ll be back!

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