It’s official

It’s official….the for sale sign went up today. It will hit MLS in a bit. Anyone in the market for a great house on a quite street come on over.

As we’d say in Ireland “bhaile ar diol”

It was a good run, 14 years and some change but lots of change for us. The time has come to downsize. I’ll miss 20 Bayberry Road Groton MA for a bit, but like I always say….”I made the big move years ago, everything else is incidental”.

Big boat – Day 7

Today was another vacation day sleep in, breakfast late and a bunch of shows. We started with Madagascar in the Aqua Theater. It was non stop fun aimed at younger kids but you can’t not tap your feet at the theme song.

After lunch GMan tried his hand on the Flowrider. After four rounds he was doing well.

After that we started packing as bags needed to be out and ready by 11pm. Then it was off to the Amber Theater for another show. Unfortunately we were last and ended up in the back row but the special effects were wonderful. Theater folk are so inventive when it come to set design. Necessity is most definitely the mother of all inventions. The whole stage at one point looked like a giant ocean scene with all manner of creatures swimming about, very well done.

Next up was a spot of shopping. The following will set you back 2 million! I was hoping for a black pair but they were out of stock….

Then is was parade time on the main promenade. This time we got good seats and saw the entire show. All I can say is the crew never stops.

After the parade we took in a family friendly comedy show….and yes it was very funny and family friendly. Then it was off to the lip sink face off. Again, a fun filled show with lots of energy.

11:30 or so we finish packing and off to bed.

Happy Anniversary/Halloween

Happy Anniversary to Jess and I and happy Halloween to everyone else. Today is 18 years….and counting….Love you Jess.

Cards, flowers (from Lenore) and Halloween muffins for good measure.

GMan aka panda boy and JMan the baconactor.


Panda boy and meinshark

This is pure bull

Breaking News: Hot off the press folks, in Groton today a bull got loose and allegedly ran away. The bull in question was last spotted in the vicinity of route 119 and Jane's Drive. According to local sources the animal is big with horns but otherwise no identifiable marks. If you see the bull please call 911 and don't try to feed it.

According to reports, eye witnesses may be suffering from PTS as a result of hearing it snort. The chief said the following:

"This is a terrible terrible thing, folks….we are so upset by this event. We are going to look into it and get to the bottom of it. There are good and bad bulls everywhere, but trust me…..I'm going to fix this one….I'm going to make Groton great again"

Neighbors interviewed could not understand as he always seemed happy with the grass on his side of the fence and other than the occasional cow patty was not on any watch lists. However, sources close to the investigation said that a grand jury may to called up.

I first got wind of the story while standing….well downwind of the farm. Upon further investigation I found 3 cruisers from Littleton, 2 from Groton not including animal control, 1 helicopter, 2 news crews and various other officials looking characters milling about.

It's a good job we live in the stick and this is considered news!

My best wishes go out to the bulls family and I'm certain that they will eventually get over this horrible event.

As for the rest….pass the A1 sauce!