Week with JMan – Part 1

This week I’m hanging out with JMan. Yesterday we needed you know up GMan in York ME so we revisited the U.S. Albacore in Portsmouth NH I the way up. Go here for another post I did on the submarine. 

JMan trying out a bunk.


And in 2013.

JMan taking a look through the perescope and the drivers seat.

Symmetry. Getting 10lb of you know what into a 5lb bag is a real challenge, but doing it as neatly as this is an art.
Looking up.

Looking aft.
This is the main propeller bearing. At one point the Albacore was split, lengthened and an extra motor was installed. It actually have two drive shafts, one is a tube and the other is inside. As the sub was a research vessel this was a very inventive way of testing different propulsion systems.

Quick drive into downtown Portsmouth for lunch at Fat Belly’s. Good food and good service and no lines.

On the way to York ME we stopped in Kittery Trading Post. Then we picked up GMan and JMan took a dip in the ocean.

Day 2 – Raining.

As we’d say in Ireland “it’s a soft day” or “it’s a grand high stool day”. We settled for breakfast at Blackbird Cafe and some game time.


One Reply to “Week with JMan – Part 1”

  1. What a great looking couple of days. IIRC, USS Albacore was the primary test bed for the hull shape for all nuke-powered subs built after the Nautilus. One of these days I have to haul my sorry butt up there and see the vessel.

    Kittery . . . . wondering privately what you bought . . . . hmmmmm.

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