Kittery Trading Post trip

We did a trip to Kittery Trading Post in Kittery Maine yesterday. It was a grand day to walk around inside. I needed to pick up a few extra magazines I ordered for my S+W Model 41 and some cheap fodder (ammo).

Upon arrival the GMan and I went up to the gun department and spend a good amount of time fondling the wears. I was particularly impressed with the weight or lack there off on a the Benelli auto shot guns. They feel great and shoulder very well. Perhaps when I have a few extra dollars I’ll buy one. We looked at a few kid size .22 rifle’s that would be a good first gun for the GMan. All breach acton single shot where you have to slow down and think about each shot, not just pointing the business end down range and blasting off a mag full.

We visited the Under Armor store and scored a few item well below the regular price. We also picked up a floor lamp in the Create & Barrel outlet. All was fine till the JMan decided to head but something sharp in the back seat of the car, don’t ask as I have no idea what, but the kids were horse playing. He gave himself a nice gash above his eye, but a few napkins later he was fine.

Other that the trading post the highlight was lunch. We went to “When Pigs Fly” pizzeria and bakery. The food was great and I highly recommend it if you are in the area. However, the bakery is to die for! The breads are out of this world with every possible combination you can think of. We ended up bringing home six loafs and two jars of preserves.

All in all it was a nice day trip.


Kittery Trading Post at dust.

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Yet another great boarding day

Yet another fine day snowboarding with the GMan at Wachusett Mountain. The condition were great (for man made) for top to bottom, but the upper half seemed better. We ended up parking in the remote parking and taking the shuttle to the mountain. Its a quick three minute ride in a fancy school bus with cranking music and creaky springs.

After suiting up and picking up the GMans rental board and boots we headed right for Ralph. It was fairly quite considering it was a holiday and the start of school vacation week. We did a few runs and them headed for the top.


We boarded for a solid four hours and I feel it now! I did take one good spill but all in all it was a wonderful day.


Freedom Trail

Today we had a firsts. We visited Bunker Hill Monument and walked down the Freedom Trail to the USS Constitution. The weather was great and we all enjoyed the great outdoors.


Freedom Trail


Gate 1

Friday boarding aka slush pushing!

This is the last snowboarding lesson for the GMAN. As usual I got here at around 1:30 and snagged a few tables. The spot I normally get was gone, but I managed to find a fee more and fend off a few soccer moms to hang onto them!

The conditions on the other hand are less than perfect. In fact it like snowboarding on a slushy! On top of that it’s dotted with large ice patches. In amy event it’s better than the office.