Installing a bilge pump 4

Made the finishing touches on the bilge pump installation. Just in time for the end of summer but I hoping to extent the kayaking season as long as possible.

I did a dry run to find the best position to install the hose from the pick -up. Basically it involved sitting in the kayak and moving the hose about. The end result can be seen in the following images.


In the above image you can see the hose running forward on the starboard side just above the peg rail. I found some nylon pipe hangers in the hardware store and utilized the bungee/lines hold down as the forward clamping positions.


Then the hose goes between the seat and hull.


Then turns and is clamped to the bulk head behind the seat in two places. I used stainless steel hardware everywhere and on the bulkhead I also used rubber washers on both sides to keep water out of the day hatch.


The pick-up strainer is simply sitting against the hull and held in place by the clamps. If all goes well I hope to take it for a wet run tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll intentionally swamp it, but I will test it out one way or another.

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