We made it to Friday

This is good beer but the service at Bamboo in Westford MA is gone to the dogs!


We wanted to sit on the deck as it was a nice evening. After a few minutes later the rest of our party showed up so all seven, three adults and four kids headed out the back door. We were presented with a oversized 2 top for seven people! After much confusion we ended up putting the kids at a 4 top and the adults stayed at the 2 top.

More confusion as they needed to split the bill because each table had it’s own server! Okay, we can deal with that.

The kids ordered and we sat and waited for our waiter. After ten minutes or so my better 1/2 went to find someone, anyone, who could take or order. Finally someone did….

The kids got served and we waited….at this point it was starting to get dark and the bugs were starting to bite. Our food showed up and the Sushi portion of my meal was great…..the rest was plain Americanized Chinese food.

Many dollars later we left. I of course got three mosquito bites for a parting gift.

If I ever go back it will be for the Sushi!

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