Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all. Remember, stay away from green beer. Like Henry Ford said “it only comes in black”….real beer….well stout that is!

Phase 3

Third times a charm. We closed on the new place the other day. Now its time to finish the plans, submit and move forward.

Good news is Subu fits nicely in the garage.

Random weekend photos

Long time no blog. Here’s a few from over the weekend.

Front left corner of our new place. Jess and I got in to do some more measuring and we also walked the lot looking for the boundaries.

Long since forgetting. Perhaps nature wants to play.

Found these in the woods. No idea what formed them.

Koda sporting a new look! He was not impressed.

P&S in hand

Offer on November 5th, Purchase & Sale in hand today, January 15th. Closing still set for February 28th.

In the middle I got in and did a measure up so I could get a jump on creating the Existing Conditions.

12 years + at running Revit came in handy. However, I’ll admit this was a challenging model to build.

Its not quite finished on the outside yet, still need to finish the screened in porch. The inside is far enough along to get the design juices flowing. Stay tuned, lots more to come.

Dog day out

In no particular order and yes we left the store with one!

Too bad, they didn’t have this on in his size….

Koda got a new friend

While walking Koda today we ran into another Golden Doodle (Sandy) in the dog park. Before long they found the only puddle.

The aftermath of playing in the water!

Now its bath time.

Holiday Decorating contest

My office has an annual holiday decorating contest and this year I decided to go against the typical reds and greens and go blue!

The overall view.

Complete with gilt and gifts.

More gilt and gifts.

All wrapped up with a bow. Not sure if I’ll win anything but it was fun decorating.

1st Place!

Random weekend photos

Here’s some random photos from this weekend.

Cool structure. We visited our (hopefully) new place so I could get a better understanding of what’s holding up the roof…for the existing conditions drawings. Neat stuff.

How long does it take earplugs to travel the length of a dog….internally that is. I used these earplugs on Friday night and noticed they were missing on Saturday afternoon. Today they magically reappeared without a mark on then from Koda’s rear end. However, no amount of cleaning will get me to shove them in the ears again.

Happy last night of Hanukkah everyone.

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to all. Since this is Kodas first Hanukkah we let him light the candles and do the blessing…..well, we helped with the candles as he’s missed thumbs….okay, we said the blessing….but he looks sharp in his yarmulkes!