GMans B-Day

GMan had a big one today. If we lived in Ireland he could vote and have a pint!

Happy Birthday!
Here he goes into the wood with Jimmy….that’s Jimmy Big Tine. Thanks Lenore.
Jimmy was last spotted looking rather nervously at another target!

2 Replies to “GMans B-Day”

  1. Alan you must be psychic ! I was watching a prog on bbc tonight and it was about the council flats in central London. Remember Aunty Kitty ?

    1. Yes, my mom and I stayed there once. You came to visit. It was way back in the eighties. Remember the night you and mom took the wrong train and we got split up. I ended up taking a taxi as the subway way closed and didn’t have enough money to cover fare. So I tossed what I had at him and did a legger! Good times.

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