JMans big day

Hard to believe that our little man who’s now a head above the rest of us is officially a teenager today.

Here he is at age 3
And just the other day with his red headed sister Harley!

Happy Birthday JMan… from all of us.

Can’t have a bday without a bday cake.
JMan about to dig in.

Groton Wood

GMan, Koda and I took in a little fishing after work on Thursday. We went back to our old stomping grounds in Groton.

Koda hanging out with a very still dog.

Most of the Quinn lads in front of The Groton School boat house.
Gnarly tree on the backs of the Nashoba River

April 18th 1986

34 years ago today I stepped into a plane in Dublin Ireland and emigration to America. However, the weather in NY City that day was whole lot better than what mother nature served up today!

Here’s a photo from 1986 in Falmouth MA. In short I stayed a few weeks in NY City with relations, then took a bus to Boston, train to Easton MA, then discovered Cape Cod! The rest is a series of stories that I’ll write down at some point.

Random week in photos

It really should be random photos from this week, but given the weeks are fairly random nowadays I figure its okay to mix it up.

Clockwise from upper left. 1. Carlson Orchards in Harvard MA. A stones throw away with a little practice. They have a fine section of hard ciders. Worth a visit when this dan flu move on. 2. Chicken, broccoli, Alfredo pizza, just like you get at Evviva Trattoria…but better and without the bad acustics. 3. Red Velvet cup cakes we made yesterday…yum. 4. Harley and Koda ready to jump on some unsuspecting squirrel at the Harvard Public Library. It’s a cool building and one worth visiting. 5. Strange tree we found while walking the dogs. It’s like an upside down question mark. 6. Miss Planthead looking rather cool on the corner of our island.

Burn baby burn

We did our first burn last weekend. Like camping without the tent, sleeping bags, cots, gas stove, burned hand burgers, questionable facilities… assuming any are even available and all manner of other things required to spend a weekend in the woods without your house. Well actually, it was more like we were playing Irish knackers with the Hiace vans….except we don’t have the van either. On the other hand since we now live in Harvard MA I guess we really should pick up a Chelsea Tractor!

Now go figure out Irish knackers with Hiace van and Chelsea Tractors.

Have fun around the camp fire!

Down by the pond

Taking in the sight at Thruston’s Beach, Harvard MA
The boys trying to catch dinner!
Jess shows the boys how its done…..well truth be told it’s a bunch of leaves!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Where I’d prefer a little dew underfoot on Saint Patrick’s Day…… Harley and I were greeted to a little white stuff instead.
I’m hoping it’s just a coating and not another way late winter storm. In any event Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all on this and the other side of the pond.