Weekend random photos

Between trying to squeeze and extra dime out of yard sale deals we packed and pick up keys to out interim home. Its going to be cozy going from our current to an apartment but we are all ready for a change.

Top left…keys to our new gaf. Top right….last time anyone saw “Blonde the Cannon Theatre prop”. Bottom left….Simply the coolest dogs in town. Bottom right….Paddock welcome slate.



If I can’t buy a McLaren I guess a good breakfast at 5pm will do. The Friendly Toast in Burlington MA filled that gap quite well.

BTL Benny for me…

Hash Keish for Jess…..

In the middle was the reminder of a banana pancake….yum.

So many choices

Was considering picking up a new car with the yard sale money….however, I’m having a hard time choosing.

McLaren, Lamborghini and a Ferrari. I’m leaning toward the McLaren.

Wet dog anyone.

Koda got himself an above ground pool today. He was very happy splashing around and then rolling in the dirt, then repeating the cycle.

Just my size….

GMan gets showered.

He’s real cute….so is JMan.

Koda’s big day out

With back to back viewing we decided to take a drive and spend the day out. We pointed Subu toward Kittery Maine and pack up the kids, Koda and all his supplies. Kinda like having a baby again except you can legally put dogs in a cage!

First stop was “When Pig Fly” for lunch. This is a great place and one we visit if in the area. Since we had Koda we had to order out but we ate on the outside deck.

Everyone who came and went came over to give Koda a rub. With all this attention I’m seriously thinking of going blond and getting a perm!

After lunch the boy did some algebra while Koda tried to figure out how to pick up the root beer bottle.

Then we did a little browsing, first at the Trading Post then it was ice cream time.

Dude this white stuff was s great….can I have more?

After we lay about on the grass while more people rubbed up Koda!

A good day was had by all.

Button Bay VT Camping – Day 3

Sleeping on the fold-out with JMan president all manner of challenges. One is I needed to keep rolling back to my side as we both ended up in middle due to the acute incline of the couch halves. The other was/is he clearly needs a lesson in hip checking as a means of silencing my snoring. At one point he practically launched me off the couch. However, he achieved his desired results. Needless to say it was another shy night sleeping in not the woods.

All the comforts of home, just add boiling water and a sharp knife for the extra sharp cheese.

As GMan had homework we needed to pack up and head south.

Subu all ready to go while boys get in a last sit on our cabins porch.


In case you are wondering here’s the interior of our cabin. It has everything you need with the exception of indoor plumbing, AC, cable, WiFi, refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, heat and a few other odds and ends! But, it sure beats laying on the ground in a tent.

This is what the lake looks like when the suns out. It looks much better in person.

This is the intersection of Slang Road and West Main Street. I can only hope that Main Street has more going for it. Not unlike something you’d find in the mid west but here it is in Vergennes VT.

This reminds me of driving around Ireland years ago. However, most of the Irish roads were paved but getting stuck behind a tractor was part of driving. Of course this was only beaten by having to back up for 1/2 mile to find a gap big enough to get 1/4 your car in so the CIE bus full of American tourists could squeeze by….good times.

The rest of the trip was quite boring as we made our way across to 89 and it was all highway all the way.

All in all is was a short but sweet glamping trip. Not sure I’ll go back to Button Bay State Campgrounds for reasons mentioned before, but incase you missed it, camping is about being in the woods, and trees are in scarce supply at this campgrounds. However, it’s a great family campgrounds, that’s clean, well maintained and has a pool.