Big boat – Day 4

Captains log, Star date 20183210800 – Land spotted off the port side. Hopefully it’s St. Thomas, otherwise I’m in big trouble!

This am was truly a vacation one. Jess went for a Spa treatment and the boy stayed horizontal.

St. Thomas harbor.

After breakfast GMan and I walked around and took a few photos of the ship.

Looking down in the mid ship elevator shaft. I can’t imagine the set of drawings for the ship and I can’t imagine the man and woman hours required for maintenance and cleaning. They simply never stop cleaning it. BTW, the ship is spotless. Next image is looking down in Central Park. Complete with many different species of trees, shrubs and plants.

GMan and I in Central Park. Very cool green walls.

Today excursion was snorkeling at Sapphire Beach. Jess and since hung out while the kids snorkeled. All the hurricanes have taken a serious toll on the island. Lots of building in ruins and debris all over the place. But first here’s a decent shot of our ship.

After a rather dumpy ride up over the biggest hill on the island we arrived at our destination. Here’s the gang in the water at the beach.

Here’s a few shots of what’s left of the pavilion down at the beach. The rest of the building look intact, but all manner of stuff is everywhere. Not sure any of the wiring, plumbing or structural would pass on the mainland. It’s old school chewing gum and twisty tie maintenance. Just enjoy to get her going.

Above: looking down to the harbor. Our cruise ships is on the far right. Below: The old hospital has seen better days.

I tried the local brew…Carib. Honestly, the Coke next to it was better. Carib is a bad cross between Harp and Bud Light. Neither is on my must drink list and together is out of the question. However, beer is beer and this one was free….well included in the excursion price…..which really wasn’t worth it, but I can only hope some of the money gets back to the island as clearly they need it.

Below: After you consume a few beers you’ll need to deposit then. Here’s some island English directions.

Above: Looking up in the aft elevator shaft. The bright rectangles are the bottom of the elevators.

Before: This little piggy was waiting for us after dinner.

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