This am’s commute

My new gig….yes, I jumped ship again, is in Lexington right on the Minuteman Bikeway. I did a dry run last Sunday to work out the kinks. This am I drove to Concord, parked in public parking lot off main then took the Reformatory Branch Trail to Bedford, then pick up the Minuteman Bikeway into Lex.

The Reformatory trail is mostly all hard packed gravel or dirt with only one tricky spot, but it's not really tricky!

Minuteman is all blacktop and it's all up hill to Lexington. However, even on my 1 by I manage to stay in the high gears.

It's about 7.5 mile one way or about 30 minutes. Just enough to get the ticker pumping and a whole lot better than looking at the car in front of me while sitting in traffic!

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