Got some dirt on the tires

About a month in the new place it’s finally shaping up. After work today I decided to not work all evening on the apartment but instead go for a bike ride.

Found my shoes and put a little air in the tires and headed to Boxborough Trail Link-Up. I ended up in two back yards and only managed the first segment along 495….but going and coming from back yard accounts for something…..right?

It rained hard while I was in the trees, but it so felt good to cool off, however, it make the trail very slick. Speaking of which…its all single track with rocks, roots and other obstacles. Manageable enough for an old timer like me.

I would have snapped a few photos but decided my phone was better off in the zip lock bag given how hard it was raining. Word of caution….this is most definitely not a trail for the Paddock loner bikes.

The above is not my image (its off the inserted link), nor did I find this location as I was far too busy getting out of people’s back yards! The part I found was fun.

This am’s commute

My new gig….yes, I jumped ship again, is in Lexington right on the Minuteman Bikeway. I did a dry run last Sunday to work out the kinks. This am I drove to Concord, parked in public parking lot off main then took the Reformatory Branch Trail to Bedford, then pick up the Minuteman Bikeway into Lex.

The Reformatory trail is mostly all hard packed gravel or dirt with only one tricky spot, but it's not really tricky!

Minuteman is all blacktop and it's all up hill to Lexington. However, even on my 1 by I manage to stay in the high gears.

It's about 7.5 mile one way or about 30 minutes. Just enough to get the ticker pumping and a whole lot better than looking at the car in front of me while sitting in traffic!

Spring training 

Who said spring training was only for people that like swinging bats! Got my first power line ride out of the way today. Bring on mud season.


Things you find 

After 10 years I finally went mountain bike riding with my friend Bret. Not sure why it took that long but we did agree to do it again.

We are off Rt40 in Groton MA and found a few interesting things in the woods.

This is the biggest golf ball I ever saw.

Railroad dish anyone. I wonder if this one will pick up cable TV?

My red rocket.

Minuteman Bikeway

Its many years since I rode on the Minuteman Bikeway. We (JMan & GMan) got on in Bedford and rode east. All totals we did a little over five mile. Which for JMan on 16″ wheels and 1 speed that was a haul.

Selfie on the 128 overpass bridge.

Overkill on the Garmin, but I wanted to track JMans distance.

On the way back we went to CycleLoft in Burlington, my kind of candy store! The only issue with visiting this store on the weekend is the lack of parking. For old time sake I used the Escadrille lot until one freed up. Given all the money I spent in the Escadrille years ago I reckon they own me!

Could not resist this photo.


17 Days to go

Not that I’m counting but I have 17 work days to go before my sabbatical. One of the perks of working for Autdeck is 6 weeks off every 4 years. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement. I have a few things lined up, but for the most part I’m not planning as that involves a schedule and a schedule is something I want a break from. 

It’s safe to say I’ll be getting in some mountain/road bike time and a few range trips.