Ricker Pond VT – Day 4

No early fishing trip. I rolled over at 6:30am and no one was stirring. Up, morning walk to the head, made myself look (camping) presentable and breakfast, coffee, oatmeal and some cheese from our Cabot visit. Another tip I picked up on our cheese tour. If you are comfortable (temperature wise) your cheese will be just fine out of the fridge. Given it was low 50’s for most of yesterday and below 50 last night I believe out block of Cabot Seriously Shape is good to go. However, once the kids get up its unlikely to last much longer!

There something to be said for living within nature. The birds and swish of trees make for a very pleasing alarm clock. The lack of noise is almost deafening but becoming oddly familiar. The rare car on route 232 which is on the backside of the camp are the only real pull back to our normal reality. Weird how one can settle into nothingness and be content with the company of rustling critters and a canopy of green. The older I get the more I feel it’s tug, its gently coaxing wanting me to come discover new places, new adventure, new experience, even a new beginning. 

Other than making the decision there really is nothing stopping us for choosing a different way of living, a different way of being. Living in the woods is not for everybody, but stepping back and taking stock is something we should consider doing. Of course we come up will all manner of excuses for not doing things we want to do and only concentrate on the things we have to do. Life is a series of choices, so choose wisely.

Meanwhile back here at Ricker Pond it’s another beautiful day. Slightly overcast, not to hot and a breeze to ward away any flying biting insects. The boys went clamming and found a bunch. However, no bites or sighting of any fish today.

After lunch we drove around Groton Pond to Boulder Beach another VT State Campgrounds. We figured the fish might be on that side of the pond. The beach was nicer than Ricker Pond but the fish were no were to be found. That did not stop GMan from trying for most of the afternoon. JMan went for a swim and I sat back and enjoyed the afternoon. 

After that we rode around our campgrounds for a bit then headed for ice cream. Groton center (really a cluster of housed, a church and the ice cream place served up some really nice treats. Yes, I’ll be paying for this trip at the gym next week!

Back at camp again we hung out for a bit and discussed starting to pack. That idea was quickly shelved and we figured burning GMan Wordly Wise book was a much better use of out time. Here’s the results. Beyond that the kids belted around on their bikes and I tended the fire.

Lights out at 10pm and I was asleep at 10:01!

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