Ricker Pond – Wrap up

All in all we had good fun and the campgrounds and our cabin in woods treated us well. Up early to break camp, pack and head south to flat lands.

On the way we stopped at Quechee Gorge for a side walk lunch an a stroll down to the gorge.

Since we had all the gear we broke out the stove and set up under a tree for shade.

From the gorge we drove straight home bar one stop to mark our return to civilization……Starbucks. 

Things you miss in the woods; indoor plumbing.

Things you don’t miss in the woods; rude people and wifi.

Things we brought to the woods but did not need; plates, knives, camping cooking pot set, hat, gloves, jackets and thankfully the emergency medical kit.

Things (or should I say people) we should have brought to the wood but did not; Jess!

Go for a hike………..in the woods, you’ll like it.

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