Ricker Pond VT – Day 3

Apparently the kids finally got the “we are on vacation memo” as I rolled over at 7:45! Mind you I did my fair share of walking up during the night as many things in woods go bump in the night. 

This am started cloudy and low 50’s. However instant oatmeal and coffee cured a few things. The weather said rain and mid 50’s all day so we decided to go in search of adventure in and around Montpelier VT. 

First was a short hike along the way.

Looking up in a stone structure at the end of the trail. Next was Cabot creamery. We sampled all manner of cheese including some 5 years old…..yum. According to out tour guide if you loose a bar of unopened cheese in you fridge and it’s way past its “Sell by date”!don’t toss it, just enjoy what is now more mature and sharper!

Dad! You are such a geek! JMan didn’t want to pose and GMan made a face, so that leaves me. Below is the visitors center and as you can a very gray day.

Next was Montpelier. We were hoping for a Bernie sighting but he was not around.

GMan and JMan pose in front of Bernies (White) house……for now. Yup, I’m part of the 98%.

Another State House photo.

No camping trip is complete without a dose of arcade.

Luster balls anyone! This is a first for me. Not sure what’s in the water around here but that black round circle is about 6″ and that’s where you place your balls…..

Best vanity plate so far on this trip.

In the interest of having some clean cloths we made a trip to the laundry. Last time I did this was at least 15 year ago. Can’t say I missed it. To get past the disappointment of sitting around we went to “The Snack Shack”. Not sure if it will ever end up on a best of list, but it was worth trying.

Sure is a new use for a double wide.

Later at camp the boys went exploring and fishing while I got in a quick bike ride. Again, nothing but bits and sightings but it’s a really pretty view. 
Back at our cabin we had a snack as all we did all day was graze, wash up and light out at 10pm. GMan wanted to go fishing “real” early in the am so I said sure “if you wake up that’s fine”. 

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