Ricker Pond VT – Day 2

Photos when I get wifi!

No rest for the wary. The boys started stirring before 6am! Apparently they didn’t get the “I’m on vacation and anything before 8am is totally uncivilized memo”. So much for a lie in. Up and breakfast, eggs and bacon, dehydrated that is. As with the last three camping trips this in is also ice free. Mountain House dehydrated food, water, instead oatmeal, snacks and the occasional trip to a local diner for a meal on a real plate with silver wear is how the Quinn boys roll. Also, instant coffee from Starbucks get the over 21 group going.

The boys wanted to go fishing so after fixing JMan reel we heading out.

They lost a few more hook and sinkers and caught the bottom a few times. Both managed to get wet feet and even got his shorts wet. At this rate they will run out of clean cloths by tomorrow.

After fishing we hit the beach. No one around bar us. So far the best question was “dad, do you have conditioner?”. The answer after I picked myself off the ground was “nope, not that type of camping trip”.

After the beach we went up the Cross Vermont Trail. GMan and JMan on bikes and I ran. It was up hill all the way, but just a gradual climb. Mind you it was much easier on my bike last night! 5.8 miles and back to the Verizon Booster area (aka the main gate) for a quick call home.

Lunch, nap, coffee. Kids went fishing again.

No camp is complete without a camp fire.

Dinner from a bag. So far all varieties of Mountain House are really good. 

We settled in early and started listening to an audio book “following atticus” by Tom Ryan. Some of the language is questionable for JMan but given what pops out of my mouth on daily basis its probably refreshing for him to know I’m not the only potty mouth. We managed one chapter and called lights out just before 10pm. 

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