Ricker Pond VT – Day 1

This year for our annual camping trip we are at Ricker Pond VT. It’s actually in Groton VT so we drove 3 hours north to end up in a town name like the one we live in! Like the last several years this is also a VT State Campgrounds, and like all others this one has all the necessities. 
New this year were opted for a cabin, very fancy indeed. Our cabin site sits on a hill and we can see the pond, but through the tree. The good news is we have absolutely no cell service, but the cabin has one light and an outlet. Jess and the boys got me a set of walkie talkies for Father’s Day and they work just fine out here in the woods. Apparently there is a Verizon buster at the check in office but that’s 1/2 mile away. However, it will do nicely for checking in on the home front. I’m writing this in notes and will upload as soon as I find wifi, which very well could be Friday on the way home.

GMan navigated all the way up with one of those old fashioned paper maps!

We stopped along the way a few times and found a cool car museum with this 3 wheeled car in the parking lot. I wonder could you lay it on side if you went around a corner fast enough. Just happened that JMan and I match the car color!

We also came across a really nice scenic area. Here’s JMan and GMan checking out how the water carved the rocks over all the years.

No camping trip is completed without a trip to Wallie World (Wallmart). JMan was not impressed but changed his tune when we hit the camping/sports area. This is were GMan showed off his skills on a Rip Stickwhile JMan chased him with a baseball bat. All good fun until a store worked said “we prefer you not ride that in the store”. This was well after I suggested an alternative, but we all know how well kids listen.

A while later we got to the campgrounds and proceeded to set up. I read somewhere that camping is where rich people spend a lot of money to live like bums in the woods for a few days. I don’t completely agree but I don’t completely disagree either. As we arrived on Sunday the place is fairly quite. We have some neighbors down by the pond but no one to the left or right. The sites are very clean and our cabin is very suitable for a few days in the woods. 

Here’s a photo of the beach. Well, really a photo of my bike on the beach.

Lights out at 10pm. We had a rolling thunder storm at some point and the noise of the rain reminded me of my great aunts thatched cottage in Ireland where the thatch was replaced years before with galvanized steel. That unmistakable clatter of rain on a tin roof. 

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