Colorado – Day 4

My body is refusing to switch to mountain time. I was wide awake at 3:45am. Rolled around for a bit, watch a little tv, call home and talked to Jess and JMan. Up and out at 9 or so and breakfast at the hotel.

After eating we walked down to the lake and I propped the camera on a fence post and got this one.

Pano from the same spot. That view never gets old.


Packed the gear and headed to Loveland. Clear blue skies and the pass was bone dry.

Since we were so late all the lots were full and we were directed to lot D. I’ll admit I figured the lines would be really bad but after a shuttle run, ticket stop we got in line with only 10 or so people ahead of us. I’m not sure where everyone else but I suspect given how big this mountain is everyone is up on it somewhere. According to the trail map there’s 1’800 acres of ski/board terrain. 

As always we went up # 2, down to #4, up to the top of #4, then down to left to catch #9 which leads to almost 13’000 feet. Saying #9 is a long lift is an understatement. It goes and goes and then goes some more. I’ll admin I was a little nervous about the return trip! Mr. Newton will not be denied as there are a few ways off the top of #9, most would be rather unpleasant.

Here we are at the top, 12’700 feet.


There a look out for the iPhone crowd and of course we waiting for the folks in front of us to get done and then they offered to take a few of us. People are really friendly out here and more so on the mountain. You need to board or ski across the ridge before you drop in. On the right is way out of bounds and part of the unplesent way down. On the left is good drop off at about 60 or so degrees. The ridge path is 15 or so feet wide! Right said she, look where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go. 
The good news is we made it. Done and dusted as we’d say in Ireland. Nothing like 2 feet of powder to break your fall! Let’s just say it was a graceful fall/decent for me but with all the pow pow who cares. Once was enough for me (and admirably GMan) so the rest of the day we messed around on #4. GMan took the more challenging way down through the tree where I went around the groves of trees hitting the main trail back down.


We also took Ptarmigan at some point and found another friendly chap to snap the following.


Into the lodge for a rest/snack at 1:30 or so. That ended our snowboarding as the last few runs were fast and we were both tired. Stopping while your ahead is a smart thing to do when you know your tired.

We took 6 West over the pass as it was finally open and a good friend said the view is great. The view at the top is amazing, however, the wind was blowing at about 50mph and it was super cold. Also, snow really stings when it hits you at that speed!

Selfi at the top

As best as I could do here’s a pana shot

GMan trying to not get blow over!


Here’s what the pass looks like from the car. I think I saw a cow blow by!

All in all it was a great day and I’m so happy I got to spend another day with GMan in the slopes. Tonight will be a quite one but we may sneak out to the pub/resturant that’s literally in the hotels parking lot. 

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