Colorado – Day 5

I actually got a full nights sleep last night. Up, breakfast and headed to Copper Mountain. 

Compared to Loveland this place is 100% commercial. Lots of hotels, condos, shops and resturants…..and people. Think Disney crowds on snow. We opted for the top of line parking lot….all $25 worth, however it’s right off Center Village and right next to a lift. It was so worth it….

This is Center Village. I borrowed this image on line.

One of the good things about a big commercial mountain is most likely it will have a Starbucks!

We meet up with some friends from back east and hit the slopes. This place is east coast style all groomed trails… least the ones we were on. I felt quite at home listing to my board slide across a 1/4″ of dust while biting into the ice below. Like Loveland there’s lots of trails, but there is also lots of people. The lines are fairly long but they move well and are managed well, unlike the east coast free for all lines. The kids went into the park and the adults stayed on regular trails.

We did many runs but it’s not a very interesting mountain. Most trail are wide and not too steep, all are groomed and by noon the surface was all skied off. 

The kids seemed to enjoy the park and at some point we went in for lunch. This is an expensive mountain to eat at. $33 for a 1/2 sandwich, bowl of potato salad, cheese burger, 2 bags of chips an a soda. That’s sounds like a lot of food but it’s not, however, it was all very good. In fact the potato salad was great, so I guess we got what we paid for.

After lunch we followed the kids to the park and made a few vidoes. Go here for one of GMan hitting a few jumps. Here’s another video on a box jump.

GMan with our east coast friends


GMan and your truly

What could be better than a little ice cream after a hard day on the slopes.

Fire star

I’m not sure I’ll be back but I’m happy I came and checked it out. 

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