Colorado – Day 3

This o2 issue is getting better. We actually brock into a run last night leaving the pub and we didn’t fall over.

This am I got two hours extra sleep, up at 4am verses 2am (yesterday). Apparently my body is on east coast time, 4 + 2 = 6am, my usual wake up time. Rolled around for a bit, up, showered, 1/2 dressed for the mountain and breakfast at 7:10. In the car and at the mountain by 8:20. The pass was so so this am but I’ll have to admit I’m liking the 4×4 (couch on wheels) Jeep.

Given lessons learned yesterday we drove right to the Basin and parked in row 3! That’s pretty good for a few out of towners. 

My work mate Michael sent this photo this morning.


We doubled our runs and had a blast getting lost in all the powder. Today our legs gave out before lack of o2 set in. Only a mild throbbing as opposed to yesterday vice grip head ache.


That’s #4 chair lift on the right with Scrub trail behind us. We’ll be lucky if we ride a 1/4 of this mountain before we leave. My guess is you’d need a solid 2 weeks, that’s 14 straight days, and you might still miss some. Granted, I’d have to get a lot better in powder before I’d chance anything at the top of lift 9 but it sure would be fun trying. 

In for lunch around noon. Chicken no good…fries and brownie were great. Back to hotel, quick dip in the hot tub and we’ll see what the evening brings. 

Dinner in Frisco.   

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