Colorado – Day 2

Up early as we did not sleep that well, breakfast and headed to Loveland. According to the GPS it would be 30 minutes or so. The pass was moving but it was snowing good.

Unfortunately we ended to at the Loveland Sport Shop in Georgetown….about 20 minutes to far! However it’s a very cute western town. Back on 70 west and this time to the mountain. 

Loveland is old school no frills. You go to board or ski, that’s it. We learned a few more lessons, like we needed to go to the Basin, you can’t leave your gear laying around in the lodge…however we found the lockers. Everyone was nice and helpful and we did manage to get in a few runs.

By a few runs I mean 3. The lack of o2 really took effect, but the pow pow was great. It was a steep learning curve for two east coasters. 

After our epic morning of getting lost in the car and in the powder we had lunch at the mountain….the burgers are so so, but the fries rock…and yes I’ll be paying for this trip when I make it back to the Fort.

Back on the road to the hotel we realized one of trails we were on is over the tunnel.


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