Week with JMan – Part 3

JMan plan for Thursday was deep sea fishing. A quick google search found Yankee Fleet out of Gloucester MA. I booked a 1/2 trip, we packed lunch and hit the road. We ended up on the Yankee Freedom, a well used but sea worthy vessel. 

I have the same feeling about boat as I do with planes, as long as they work within their designed purpose I’m very happy. Planes need to go up and down in one piece, and boats just need to stay up!

JMan at the dock.


JMan was not feeling the best so we missed most of the fishing at the first stopping point. However, after a few minutes he was up and running and by stopping point three we were catching fish. Most were toss backs but we did get a few good sized Haddock that we’ll be having for lunch on Friday. 

All in all its was a fun day. If I were to go again with Yankee Fleet I would most likely go on one of their Limited Capacity Tuesday trips. Elbow room on the trip was a premium and more than once we got snagged lines. Non the less it was fun.

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