Week with JMan – Part 2

Tuesday was a wash in many ways as it rained for most of the day. JMan decided that that a combination of WiiU and iPod gaming would fit the bill. We did manage to stop by the hardware store for for stuff and also hit the Apple Store for some additional game time…….one can never have to much!

Wednesday was nice, however we went to Shaun the sheep movie in the am. It’s very funny and has lots of adult jokes and some classic kid ones that the whole family will enjoy. I really like claymation stop motion movies and this one is done well.

In the afternoon we needed to play with power tools. As part of a warranty process we needed to cut a rather large opening in the top of a cargo box. This was a fun project. Go here for a short video.

JMan ready for action.

The end results.

After that it was off to Kimball Farms for some Arcade time and an ice cream.

We’ll work on his stance, but he’s a good shot.


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