Camping Day 3

All photos at bottom.

Day three had a false start at 6:10, followed by an odd dream about a band, then a real start at 7:15. No rain! For the first time since Friday it was not raining. Up, cranked up the Optimus Crux for some SB (that Starbucks) and steamy hot instant oatmeal. Whatever else the day brought we were going kayaking while it was not raining. Mind you we could go in the rain but GMan outer layer is not the may west (that best) at keeping out the rain. However, he’d be toasty warm in his new Hydroskins.

A little after eight we hit the water, nice. We took a right and headed North into the wind. This way the home journey would be easier. We paddled to the top of the lake and bobbed around looking at a few nesting cranes. It showered a few times, but not too bad. I’m very impressed with our Hydroskins, we were dry and warm. I picked up a new set of NRS Vapor Loft paddling boots at a paddling show in NJ a few months ago. Theses along with NRS dry socks and a pair of cheap wooly socks I picked up at Wallyworld (that’s Wallmart) yesterday and my feet were nice warm and dry. Even Wallyworld up here is a trip! GMan Hydroskin pants are long enough so he can pull them down over his heels and with regular socks he was also dry and warm. I gave him a push off do he never really stepped in the water.

We ended up paddling back as B and A were getting Little Boo ll into the water. However, Little Boo ll would not start so we are not sure if we’ll get out in it.

We pulled our kayaks out of the water and did the civilized thing by taking a shower…..yes, it felt great.

News flash. Little Boo ll is alive! We charged the battery at the local hardware store and the boat cranked right up. Currently bobbing around in the lake. Life is grand.

Later on after another fine Mountain House meal we hung around the camp fire and went for a hike. Lights out at 10. It better not be raining I’m the am.

GMan are suited up and ready. Note it’s not raining.


Pano on the beach area.


Kayak buddies.


Today’s weather. Today reminded me of Ireland….rain, shower, drizzle, dry for a bit and repeat cycle.


B and me.


B in Little Boo ll.


Pano of B in Little Boo ll.


A at the controls.


Or fearless mascot.


Apparently in the fifties Chrysler made boats to match their cars. Little Boo ll is a 1958 Valiant. Really cool little boat.


B and I relaxing at the camp fire. We lashed the umbrella to the chairs to stay dry.


Pano of B’s site.


Dinner was Mountain House Lasagna and it’s great.


GMan in our lean-too.


Found a Chestnut tree nursery on the nature trail.


GMan and me.


Chestnut tree rows.


Evening light.


Setting sun.


Old and the new.


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