Camping Day 4

Today started with “daddy I have something in my belly button”, to which I replied “is it moving”, and the response was “yes”. Yup, GMan got his first tick. After a little pre op where GMan lay on the picnic table we had most of it removed, but a little remained.

I checked at the ranger for a point nose tweezers as our were flat and it turned out he had the same. Nearest pharmacy was in Grandville NY, about fifteen miles south. I found Grandville and their Memorial Day Parade. After a ten minute, ask direction twice I found it. $29 later and a few choices I headed back to the campgrounds.

Operation 2 took place with GMan laying on the tail gate of B’s pick up. Another camper strolled over and gave us a local remedy….fill the belly button with Vaseline, cover with band aid and the little f@$ker will back its way out! A few globs of Lip Medex later and we’ll wait to see what happens. Currently bobbing around in the lake on Little Boo ll.

The boys surprised me with this one. It was a special birthday treat.

GMan and I went on another walk as the water is just a little cold for us flat landers, however GMan did jump in…..and back out just as fast!

After dinner we went evening paddle. The lake was calm and quite. It was great to get out on the water one more time. Lights out at 9:15.

GMan poses in front of the entrance sign.






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