March madness day 4

Day 4 was another train ride in NY.


After a short cab ride we emerged in Time Square


On the way down 45th to lunch we passed Jacobs!


Lunch was at 5 Napkin Burger on the corner if 45th and 9th.


Yet another acoustically challenged resturant! However, the food coming out of the kitchen looked good. Here’s my avocado ranch burger….tastes as good as it looks.


After lunch we walked back the two block to the Minskoff Theater and the Lion King. Everyone that has seen this show says its great so we were really looking forward to it. We were in row K on the aisle. If Dickie Rock was on stage we’d be getting wet for sure!



Simply put this is the best live show I have every seem. The sets, costumes, acting and everything else is out of the world. I can’t imagine the back stage work that needs to go into pulling the show off…, did I say wow.

Photography is not allowed in the show and I was a good boy and did not shoot any pictures. The following is a life like model of Rafiki in the lobby.


Here’s Jess and GMan.


It’s all about the Lion. This one is about 15′ wide.


If you get to NY just go see this one.


After the show we wondered around Time Square for a bit.


Pano of Time Square.


Happiness is having to pick which Starbucks to go to! I needed a fix so we picked this one.


Jess found another gem in the “Little Pie Company.




This is one of those just out if the way, but close enough to walk too places. I had the apple pie and again it tasted as good at it looks.


JMan and his Oreo Cup Cake.


GMan and his Oreo.


Prior to another cab ride a fellow student from the BAC tapped me on the shoulder and said “where do I know you from”! Odd how you can be in one of the busiest cities and someone picks you out of the crowd. Apparently Jared and I were in Structures 2 together!

Four in a slightly bigger cab.


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