Candle pin bowling

We were heading for DeCordova Sculpture Park and ended up at candle pin bowling! Don’t ask it ended up being kids choice. In any event we all donned some sporting rental shoes and started bowling.

Recognize the socks?


The first game was GMan, JMan and myself. JMan’s one handed throw was more like an unrolled lob where the ball went out and up about four feet, then gravity took over, so it went straight down, with a bang, then slowly stipples its way toward the pins.

JMan in action. Note the stance….professionals all over the world can’t come close to reproducing it!


GMan also in action. Looking like a real pro.


JMan keeping a close eye on the game.


JMan choosing the perfect ball.


JMans Terminator impression!


Here’s the results of round one. I got a 70 out of a possible 300, but according to Wikipedia this only happened once. So I don’t feel that bad. However if you do the math and compare it to Bullseye Shooting the difference is striking. My best so far in shooting is 252 and my worst is 197. You can buy 500 rounds of ammo for $22, but I typically buy the good stuff at $32. We payed $27 for two strings of bowling. One string was $13.50 divided by 30 ball = .45 per ball. Do the same in target shooting (with the cheap stuff) its $22 divided by 500 = .044 by 30 = or $1.32 (per string).

So given my bad scores in each sport I’ll stick to Bullseye Shooting for the sake of economy.

Of course the best part of bowling is the arcade. I ended up bowling the last string by myself and yes my score was equally as bad. However it went up to 72.

JMan on a ski-do game.


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