Saturday night out we ended up in Zaftigs in Natick, not Brookline. The food is just as good in my opinion, but I’m sure someone with a more kosher palette would notice a difference. I ate here before and it was just as good this time around.


I wanted to snap a shot of my meal before I started eating, but forgot as it looked so good and I was starving. Go here for more information on what they offer. I had the Lupo which is brisket, on potato pancakes with beef gravy. It was a real Irish/Jewish meal! Jess had corned beef on rye and here’s a shot of one 1/2.


Another classic is Dr. Brown’s black cherry.


Stop by when you’re in the area, you will enjoy it.

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  1. You sir could have done a whole heck of a lot worse. A whole lot worse. Zaftig. From Yiddish, taken from German, meaning soft.

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