Boarding with the GMan

Went snowboarding with the GMan and it was a blast. Condition were terrible but it was still a lot of fun. We got afternoon tickets and boarded non stop for a little over three hours. It was fairly warm but windy so the snow field like boarding on frozen granular sugar! What do you want for man made on the east coast.

I was a little sore the following day but not as bad as I expected. Only too a few hits and good tumble. I also briefly chatted with a similarly aged boarder and we laugh about the importance of making it down in one piece especially at out age!

All in all it was enjoyable and I cant wait for Friday and the GMans’s school ski/boarding evening.

Here’s something to think about. When I was the GMans’s age and my dad was my age I could never imagine doing anything remotely like snowboarding. Granted snowboarding is not that old and Ireland is not known for wonderful skiing conditions, but I can think of a few more things that may have happened but only other very different circumstances.

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