First run at 9:30 am and last at 4:30 pm. Epic day of boarding. GMan and I got in many many runs and we were joined by DB and his three sons for part of the day.


Conditions were great and the place was quite. No lines, no waiting, just run after run.


I’ll admit the I’m pretty tired and a little sore, but it was a wonderful day and I very thankful to be able to board with GMan.


Reflections of me in DB lens.


Spring boarding is here along with the crowds, lines and mash potato conditions. The silver lining is we managed to get into the parking lot at the base of the mountain……row 14 but who’s counting.



This week Friday’s ski/board program turned into a Saturday evening/night shredding blast.

Conditions were so so when we got here at 4:30 but continued to improve as the evening passed. We hopped from one side of the mountain to the other and did countless runs.


It snowed for a while then cleared then the fog formed. The above was at the summit. It was so foggy you could not see the end of the chair lift till you were on top of if! However, the trails are well lit so boarding down was not an issue.


GMan chills in the Cider Shack.


Cider Shack pano


Last night was GMans final snowboarding lesson. As usual I got to the mountain early and snagged a few tables. The place was quite so I got in many no lift line runs.

The kids showed up at 4 and after lessons we had appetizers from the resturant to round out another successful lesson season.

GMan and I went back out and continued boarding till 9:30. All in all it was a great afternoon/evening.


GMan in the Cider Shack


Polar stack


How many years apart are these?


GMan and I made a mad dash to Wachusetts for some New England powder boarding. Conditions were great but the wind was so strong GMan had a real issue getting up a head of steam. I on the other hand had gravity on my side so I was carving up a storm.


Unfortunately the governor of this fine state is clearly not into shredding and pulled the plug on our fun! The mountain closed at 4pm, as the gov closed the roads, just four runs after we arrived. No worries it was still worth it.

JMan carving up the slopes

JMan and I hit the slopes today. This was a future I never figured on, but I’m very happy it’s here. I can’t imagine Jimmy Quinn doing this but it was a different world when I was five years old!

All geared up


Riding the magic carpet


Hanging in lodge


Lounging on the bunny hill


I bet he’s thinking ” how do I come down that slope”. JMan waiting for GMan to come off Ralph.


Lodge time



GMan and I spent most of the day carving up the runs at Wachusetts. It was a beautiful day with clear skies, but it was a little cold.


The lads. I’ll refer to myself as a lad until they pry my snowboard off my feet!


Winter is officially over

Okay, I finally put my snowboarding boots away! They get new hats every spring in the form of one gallon zip lock bags. We have a few little critters that share the basement with us and I rather they not take up residence in my Burton’s.


The perfect gloves – Update

So I put my Hestra gloves through the ringer this week with all this wet New England snow. I have to say I’m not that impressed. I used the leather balm that came with the gloves and it didn’t seem to work at all. Since its so hot I’m only using the outers and water is soaking in. Granted condition are bad at best but I was hoping for better results.

My guess is you need to apply balm every evening or go ride powder! We’re visiting the Burton R+D facility tomorrow afternoon and if I see anything that peaks my interest in Gore Tex the Hestra’s may end up on e-bay.