Got some dirt on the tires

About a month in the new place it’s finally shaping up. After work today I decided to not work all evening on the apartment but instead go for a bike ride.

Found my shoes and put a little air in the tires and headed to Boxborough Trail Link-Up. I ended up in two back yards and only managed the first segment along 495….but going and coming from back yard accounts for something…..right?

It rained hard while I was in the trees, but it so felt good to cool off, however, it make the trail very slick. Speaking of which…its all single track with rocks, roots and other obstacles. Manageable enough for an old timer like me.

I would have snapped a few photos but decided my phone was better off in the zip lock bag given how hard it was raining. Word of caution….this is most definitely not a trail for the Paddock loner bikes.

The above is not my image (its off the inserted link), nor did I find this location as I was far too busy getting out of people’s back yards! The part I found was fun.

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