Big boat – Day 2

We pulled into Nassau Bahamas this am around 7. Apparently those lads with the oars are doing a mighty job. Hope the pay is good!

The above image was day break over the harbor. Shortly after that it was breakfast then off to the cattle mart. Well, human mart. I’ll say one thing for Disney, they know how to move bodies. These guys could learn a thing or two from Walt.

Today’s excursion was swimming with Dolphins on the other side of the island. Jess booked the whole trip and given my dislike of water I opted out of swimming with Dolphins for waist deep water and Dolphin patting. Never happened! Instead it was propulsion by Dolphin noses while laying flat on your stomach.

I’ll admit it was a fun, but a little weird and since I had a life vest on I figured even if I died of shock they’d find my lifeless body floating. However, after 6 months of no gym I’d make some good chum for the sea life. Photos coming on this adventure after we sell our first born to pay for them.

After that it was off to the beach.

Nothing like a Palm Tree for some shade.

Family shot before before we got back on board.

We were the only game in town this am. Since then 3 more ships arrived. Ours is the big one at the end, Allure of the sea.

Covered roof.

Here’s a better shot of our tub. Well, at least part of the rear end and port side. Those life boats hanging off the side hold 370 easy m …that is. The Allure has 18….so if all goes well 6,660 souls will be saved! Where are you now Jimmy with your 18 run-a-about and Evinrude outboard. Like I said, this thing is huge.

After a much needed coffee then nap (did you notice the order) it was time to eat. Basically you can eat all day long if you like. After that I tested out the shower. I’m admit its far better than “on demand” or flipping the switch on the immersion and waiting two hours for a twenty minutes shower.

Tonight is Captains night. Which really means all the guys dress like James Bond and the gals like Grace Kelly. I’m happy to say the Quinn/Miller household is doing a wonderful job of lowering that standard. Not that we are showing up in ripped jeans and tee shirts, but we refused to pay Jet Blue for the extra suit case of “so called” good cloths. Besides, collar shirt and pants will do according to ship staff. We got this on covered.

GMan beats into a man sized meal. Speaking of meals….all the food so far is really good and the wait staff are wonderful.

After dinner the above was waiting for us in our room. The below is a view from the 15 floor down into the Aqua Theatre. I always get a little nervous when I see blue light but figured I’d never get caught behind the wheel of this ship!

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