Longboard build

GMan mentioned building a longboard the other day so I suggested Googling some info. He found a few sites, videos and the process seemed fairly straightforward.

He currently has a drop deck board but wanted a regular one. After searching for a while he also found a site with a pattern. Through the magic of Revit (architectural drafting application) I scaled the pattern to full size and split the drawing so we could print on 8 1/2 by 11.

He wanted the front and tail to match so laying out was easy. Above are the patterns spray mounted to the birch plywood he wanted to use.

Close up of the truck location and required bolt holes.

Cutting out was easy with a jig saw. Just leave the line and sand to finish.

The finished board. Next we drilled the holes and mounted the trucks.

Trucks installed. The maiden voyage went better that I expected.

GMan took it down the road and it worked very well.

Zoom zoom….

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