Nowadays we seem to count everything. This is especially true for sports. Real fans not only know how many yards a receiver ran, but what they ate for breakfast. The following is not really about stats but more value for money and time spent.

Since I started wearing a Garmin watch (currently Fenix 3 HR) I tend to track and sync all activities to Garmin Connect. I ran a report yesterday to see how much Elevation loss I logged at our local ski/snowboarding mountain (Wachusett Mountain). The report captures the entire season (Jan 1, 2017 to March 25, 2017). Not that our season is over but and Elevation Loss this close to April on the east coast is a good thing, but I’m guessing we’ll be hanging up our boards till next year.

  1. Number of activities: 16. This the number of times I tracked my runs. On many occasions two activities were tracked in one day; example, morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening.
  2. Total distance: 109.42 miles.
  3. Total time: 7:43:53 h:m:s. Not a high number considering it’s over a 3 month period, but not bad for a 50 plus knuckle dragger!
  4. Average speed: 14.2 mph. Seems slow but considering I was on the bunny hill at the start of the season with JMan it’s not bad.
  5. Average Heart Rate: 102 bpm. (My normal resting is 54 bpm.)
  6. Max Heart Rate: 156 bpm.
  7. Total Evelation loss: 155,374 ft. Again, for an entire season this is not a high number but considering Wachusett has just under 1000 ft of drop its pretty good.
  8. Max Speed 46.9 mph. Was hoping to beat 50, but I’m delighted with almost 47.
  9. Total number of runs: 125.
  10. Cost per run: $299.00 (season pass cost)/125 = $2.39 per run. Be real nice to get this under $1.50 or $1.00! However, a daily lift ticked is $40 (based on a Friday ticked when I normally go) , so you need to go 7.5 time to break even on a season pass (based on $299). This year I crushed that number.

Wachusett trail map

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