Guess what!

We are boarding again. Today JMan conquered the upper 1/2 of the mountain. We warmed up on Ralph’s, then cut across Hitchcock to catch the Polar Express to the top. 

JMan was a little caught off guard when he realized he was about to get on a new lift but he was a good sport about it and soldered on.  He did mention the height a few time but settled in for the one way ride….up.

The boys at the top.

JMan did great on the way down and had no issues even on the few steep parts. 

The boys safely at the bottom. Photo thanks to a fellow boarder. 

I couldn’t be any more proud of JMan. Considering he was on the magic carpet at the start of the season, then got on Madnadnock to the top of the bunny hill, then Minuteman and the mid upper and today all the way! He’s a real trooper. Of course the bonus with going to the top is access to the Cider Shack on the way down. It’s like a right of passage, you get up to come done for hot cider, donuts and apple turn overs…..what could be wrong with that. The real bonus for me was as soon as we hit the bottom on the first run JMan said “can we do it again”. Of course my answer was absolutely, let’s go.

The boys in the Cider Shack.

About 1/2 down Conifer.

GMan showing off his yoga moves….actually this pose is called a tri-pod…..get it?

JMan taking a pit stop. After a few more runs we hit all the trails including Smith and 10th! Again, for a lad that started out on the magic carpet a few months ago he’s doing great. 

GMan getting set up for a 180. 

Lift chair selfie by GMan.

All in all it was a wonderful day on the slopes and like GMan, JMan was bitten hard by the boarding bug and I’m certain he’ll be shredding circles around me in no time. Apparently I sponned a pair of knockle draggers! 

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